Posted: June 10, 2014 in Nature, Poetry
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If the label “haibun” is off-putting, think of it as poetic prose with a haiku at the end.  It doesn’t matter if you know anything about haibun or haiku or poetry.  It matters if the ideas ring true and touch something in your heart.


Spring: the tender bud; hidden, delicate flowers; slowly unfurling leaves; animal babies and fluffy baby birds; perfume wafting from blooming bushes; last year’s milkweed rising like the bones of long-ago beached whales on empty shores; chill nights.

Summer: waves of green; hundreds of foot-tall plants making rain forests for small creatures; paths shrinking as fronds reach out; hot midday sun making all life somnolent; jewels of morning dew burning off quickly.

Fall: a fading beauty; dressing carefully in shades of russet; the structure beneath her skin more prominent now; clinging to accents of color; fighting a rearguard battle yet still a head-turner.

Winter: stark beauty all that remains; time for thought, for personal pruning; lingering indoors, wrapped in home, family, and warm blankets; being mesmerized by fires in stoves and fireplaces; walking, clothing-cocooned into a world resting patiently, waiting for the tender bud of spring.

Gazing out window
A moment for reflection
Oolong tea to drink

For a more oblique haiku, I offer:

Sixteen stories high
Peregrine falcon rides wind
Traffic snarls below

  1. suej says:

    Like your second haiku! I must start writing them again….

  2. Love your reflections.. the first haiku is a perfect fit to complement the poem.. I think it puts the narrator there at the scene .. observing the scene with warmth from the tea to further inspire.. yes I like this a lot.

    • Hurrah! 🙂 Right now I’m immersed in nature, so much of what I’ve been writing has to do with that subject. The second haiku was showing that there’s sometimes a seeming disconnect between what man builds and what God made, but the falcon shows that nature is still everywhere. Thanks for dropping in and giving me your opinion. Enjoy the day!


  3. I can see a wonderful day in fall when I read your words, it’s exactly a fading beauty :o)

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