Sunday sayings…Saturday edition (example)

Posted: June 28, 2014 in Sunday sayings
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In light of the ridiculous biting incident at the World Cup as well as most of what goes on daily, I thought this saying most appropriate.


  1. words4jp says:

    Awwwwww…… I must say that I really am not a fan of professional sports. The behavior of these people (yes, mostly men – but I am tying to be politically correct) is horribly deplorable. Really? Biting someone? My time is better spent cleaning my house than watching some sport where the majority of the officials are corrupt, guys faking falls and bad hits and biting people. If I want to watch that, I can rent a movie;)

    • Bill played rugby and those guys never acted hurt, even when really injured, so he gets rather annoyed at the soccer/football shenanigans. I love hockey, but that’s over for the year, so I’m watching the World Cup. Not long until le Tour de France and if all goes as planned, we’ll get to see the end of a stage this year. 🙂


  2. I was the oldest of five and all I heard growing up was “you have to set the example!” And I did….most of the time.

  3. I am not a fan of football, but the behaviour of that player and how he has been welcomed as a hero back in his home country shows just how standards have dropped. They should watch how the rugby players (I am thinking of our All Blacks) know that they are on show and behave accordingly. They know that they have to set examples. On the field and off the field. 😦

    • We do love the All Blacks and hope to catch one of their games while in NZ. Professional athletes (and movie stars) are examples and should try to live up to that. Too often they do things they should live down, but don’t. 😦


  4. Bumba says:

    Good thing there’s no cheating in the Tour de France. I still have my yellow wristband. (Not)

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