The house of my heart…a repost with photos

Posted: September 6, 2014 in House and home, Musings, Personal
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(This is a repost, most of it, of a post I did in March of 2012 when hardly anyone was following my blog.  I think of my dream house periodically, maybe adding a thing here or there, and decided I wanted to repost it with one original photo and a few more.  What is the house of your heart like?  Where would it be?  I’d love to hear about it in the comment section if you have the time.  I always like to hear from you.)



The house of my heart has:

• a library, where all my hundreds of books are on shelves so I can see them and easily access them without digging through boxes in the attic. The library has chairs that invite me to curl up and read, plenty of light (both artificial and natural), maybe even a window seat. It will probably have my laptop, a printer, etc…the technological minutia of today’s day-to-day living, a wonderful desk to store interesting pens, pencils and markers and gorgeous paper (plus stamps for things that still will be sent “regular” mail.)

• a porch. A big porch. A place with outdoor furniture where I can sit in the morning with my cup of tea, greet the day (or my neighbors or both), or listen to all the sounds that make up silence in the way that all colors make either white or black, depending if you add all colors of light (which will make white) or all colors of paint (which will make something approaching black.) A place where, if my house is near other people, I can see them, talk to them, invite them over, set food and drink out for them and get to know them.


• a clothesline. I want my clothes to smell like sunshine in the summer and my towels, sheets and pillowcases to invite noses into them. My dryer will appreciate the break. Not convinced of the fun of hanging things out in winter and breaking ice off them, though.

• large windows, suitably insulated, easy to open to welcome in the scents of summer, beautifully framed indoors by some sort of “window treatments” and on the outside, by real shutters that I can reach out and close at night, French-style. Provencal colors would be lovely for them. The sun will pour into the house on sunny days, into every room, nook and cranny.


• a large kitchen that’s the heart of the home, maybe a kitchen-dining room. Either way, I’ll be able to look outside while eating, gazing at the garden, trees, fruit trees and flowers. In the yard of my heart, there will be flowers to bring inside and food to eat. There might be chickens, both for eggs and for their ecological effect. There will also be a kitchen garden outside the patio doors, a patio with a grill, pots filled with herbs, chairs around a table, protected, when needed, by an umbrella.

• ceiling fans in all the rooms, solar panels, skylights, and a solarium as well as a green house. There’s a wood-burning stove that heats much of, or all of, the house. The gutters end in rain barrels and the garden has a drip system. In one corner, you’ll find the compost pile.

• green roofs. Or maybe not, since after having a flat roof with water problems for a time, I swore our next house would have roofs so steep the crampons would be needed to work on them. But green roofs intrigue me as do straw bale homes, adobe homes and homes built partly into a hill.

• if not a basement and attic, then plenty of storage space. A pantry and/or a cellar.

• a dog, probably a rescue pit bull, to act as official welcome-er.



Whatever it has, the house of my heart will be filled with love, friendship, a sense of peace and community, good food, two or three-hour meals with friends and family and the love of God. The house of my heart will be a home as well.

  1. mrsmrs says:

    And is that wonderful place were you live …?

  2. A house of the heart has to be beautiful. 🙂

  3. Mara Eastern says:

    Shoe selfie! I’m loving it 😀 I know the post isn’t about shoes, but sorry, that’s all I can see now…

  4. I enjoyed your sentiments about your dream house; especially the books on shelves instead of in boxes in the attic and the sweet smell of sun dried laundry.

  5. A porch is a must for me too.. I think I could live quite nicely in an old Italian farmhouse overlooking the rolling hills of Tuscany 🙂

  6. the house of your heart is really a home, I love it. Specially the idea with the library, that’s rare since we use e-readers. but not even the bestest e-reader has this smell of wisdom what only a library has :o)

  7. joliepetitemaison says:

    Beautiful post, I also have a “house of my heart” in my mind and in my dreams.

  8. Beautiful post. I’m lucky to be living in the house of my dreams even if I do give it such an undignified name as the “Barn.” Missing, though, is something you mention: a clothesline. Nothing like the smell of sun-dried sheets.

  9. Joyce says:

    Sounds inviting if the pit bull is tame and sweet to visitors.:) I would substitute a yellow lab as we have had two (one yellow and one black) and I adore labs. The rest of the house I can relate to except to look or maintain a bunch of chickens and have one available to do necessary upkeep, cleaning and maintenance but it is nice to dream as it is free. Seriously though, I have a comfortable ranch house (although now 21 yrs. old) and it is where we have retired and hope to stay until one day getting to my permanent home in the sky heaven). That home is no dream, and my heart is already there. Just waiting on my body and soul. Meanwhile, I’ll just wait here until that day happens. 🙂

    • Then you’re blessed, Joyce. The chickens are a “maybe” and probably not. Janie, the foster pit bull pictures, would love nothing more than to lick all visitors and then sit in their laps. She has a forever home now and is, I’m sure, ruling the roost there.


      • Joyce says:

        I’m so glad she (Janie) has a home. I have seen the posts and pics of them on facebook and love the photos of them and there are so many who need good homes with loving owners who will train them right. They can be wonderful pets, and so playful as I have found out from reading about them. Yes, I am so very blessed, and know you and Bill are also. The pics of the house are pretty as well. Are they actually pics of your own or another house? I was curious.

      • The one of the feet is from the porch of our cabin in Wyoming. The other two are from our trip to Provence some years ago, just places I thought were beautiful. Our rental house is much more prosaic. As for the house with our Father, that will be the best of all.

  10. says:

    Yes I missed it the first time around! What a lovely vision. My dream house is on the top of a mountain!

  11. I have worked out my dream home. It’s for after I win the lottery or become a major best-selling author. It’s not huge (at least, not by California standards). Basement and two stories. I want stairs that run the length of the house, so I can have a ramp on the staircase as I don’t do steps well. A library, kitchen with island, sunken living room, dining room with table for ten, two guest bedrooms upstairs, and my master bedroom with it’s computer room / safe room attached. Bathtub in my bedroom, a full size, two person type of thing. The library will have floor to ceiling shelves and those roller ladders. I doubt I can use them, but what the heck, I want them in there.
    Just a few of the ideas.

  12. Imelda says:

    I love your house already. I’d like to have those features in my dream house and some extra T/B, too. The latter is a big convenience when there are 6 people in the house. 🙂

  13. Sounds like my dream house too. Great photos

  14. I absolutely love this post! Makes me want to come visit already! I am with you on the library. I lost count of my books at over 300 when I moved back in 2005! I always also have an image in my mind of a circular, turret-like room where I imagine I’d work from, with views out to the mountains and desert beyond!

  15. Tammy says:

    Love your “house of my heart”! It really is a warm lovely home!

    • Tammy, thanks for visiting. Even though our rental house isn’t at all like this, I try to make it a home, which is really the most important. But it’s fun to dream and have something towards which to work.


  16. Alexandra says:

    I hope someday you have the house of your dreams 🙂
    the house of my dreams is small… so that cleaning doesn’t take too much time lol 🙂

    • There’s always that, Alexandra. Where we used to live, the library was located in what had been a mansion at one time. Our girls used to say, “Mom, wouldn’t it be great to live there?” I’d mention cleaning but they figured if we could afford to live there, we could pay someone to clean. 🙂


  17. mpejovic says:

    These all make for a great home to live in.

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