Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity…a different look

Posted: September 12, 2014 in Weekly Photo Challenge
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noun \hyü-ˈma-nə-tē, yü-\

Being willing to sacrifice for the good of others (humanity) as well as for yourself and your loved ones shows your humanity.
The man in the photo is wearing what my f-i-l was likely wearing when he landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day and later when he was in the Pacific.
American cemetery at Omaha Beach.  There are many such cemeteries for the dead of many countries.
  1. Thoughtful choices for this challenge, Janet. Well done.

  2. situnis says:

    you always have pictures that talk..nice post

  3. Janet without this kind of heart to sacrifice we would not have humanity.

  4. An amazing statement for our times.

  5. Ese' s Voice says:

    I really like where you took the prompt…and must agree with the comment above – your photos do say so much without any words, Janet.

  6. Mara Eastern says:

    Strange, independently of you I’ve also chosen the theme of death, specifically graveyard, for this week’s challenge. No need to add that I approve of your interpretation 🙂

  7. Bumba says:

    Unfortunately, cemeteries are reminders of the result of lack of humanity. We need to live it, be reminded, and continue on like your father in law with humanity as an adjective in our daily lives.

  8. Steve says:

    So thought provoking…

  9. and yet .. lack of humanity and humanity will share the same graveyard.. not even the crosses can tell the difference…unless you knew them

  10. Great post Janet. 😀

  11. As a veteran, I especially love this post. Well done Janet!!

  12. thirdeyemom says:

    Love your entry Janet. My theme was inspired a bit by 9/11, and all the wars going on around the world.

  13. Nice original, human angle Janet

  14. mrsmrs says:

    That’s both clever and moving, Janet; and I very much like the fact of your seizing on the opportunity to give praise where praise is due !

    • M.R., I really respect our veterans, especially those from WWI and WWII. I’m not a proponent of war, but these wars were necessary and I’m proud of those who answered that call, often at great sacrifice.

      • mrsmrs says:

        I comprehend that your singling out the two ‘great’ wars is because they were huge con jobs, really; whereas all the ‘modern’ wars are fought by people who do it for a living.
        One can only hope that no-one will ever be duped into going to war again, for any reason whatsoever.

      • I think it can be difficult not to be, because fears, politics, misinformation (on purpose, through deceit or through other reasons), the desire to conquer, etc. are going to always be around. But we can strive to do our best to avoid war unless absolutely necessary for our survival.

  15. The juxtaposition of the two photos is especially powerful… Really stops and makes you think.

  16. Your humanity submission certainly hit home with me. I lost two uncles in WWII with one buried in the American Cemetery in Luxembourg and one remembered on the Tablets in an American Cemetery in the Philippines. Thank you for reminding people about all of those who gave some and some who gave all. 🙂

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  18. Amy says:

    Great entry for humanity, Janet! These two photos express so much about sacrifice…

  19. Ruth says:

    Excellent look at humanity, Janet. Nice entry. Wasn’t it a great challenge this week? Yours is really thought provoking.

    • It was an interesting challenge because I think there are number of us who don’t take photos of people that often. Glad you enjoyed my entry and thanks for taking the time to comment.


  20. Heroes of humanity, each and everyone of them, Janet. A strong contribution to the challenge.

  21. Tina Schell says:

    Love this response Janet, thoughtful and very powerful. Well done!

  22. You’re right, we were on similar thought for this challenge. Have a great Sunday!

  23. vastlycurious.com says:

    Touching on many levels.Nicely done Janet !

  24. Paula says:

    A touching post Janet – quite right for this challenge!

  25. lulu says:

    How many sacrifices have been made that we will ever even know about?

  26. suyashchopra says:

    Those are so touching and moving photos. What a strong effect it has, after looking at them! Very nicely you have composed this post. Very much appreciate it.

    Do visit my take on humanity, as well. Thanks 🙂