Morning has broken

Posted: October 1, 2014 in Nature, Photos
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Dawn arrives later each day as autumn approaches inexorably.  I reach the park just as light from the sun’s rays begins to show behind the trees on the horizon.  Blankets of fog lie gently over the top of the ragweed, swathe the trees in grey cotton.  Dew hangs everywhere, bejewels spider webs, saturates grass as well as my shoes when I venture off the trail.  The air is cool, with the promise of warmth later.

photo 2(122)

photo 1(121)

The sun peeps over the trees, the colors deepen, each new hue calling for another photo to try to catch the moment.  I walk a few steps, stop, and take a picture:  sun, fog, spider webs hung with diamond-like water droplets, drops somehow clinging to the ends of every leaf and grass, covering the flower petals.  Walk, repeat.  Walk, repeat.


As I look around, joy wells up inside me. The phase “her heart swelled” precisely describes what’s happening.  I want to jump for joy. The grin on my face is so wide it’s a miracle my skin doesn’t split.  I wander along, drunk on the every-changing spectacle.  I want to hold the moment forever.

photo 4(59)

Long before I get to the concrete trail that crosses the dam and spreads on either side, I can hear the geese ceaselessly honking.  There seem to be about a hundred and, as far away from my camera as possible, three white egrets carry on their search for sushi, paying no attention to the noise.  Every minute or so, the geese get agitated, then a small group honks and takes off, the river a watery runway for the avian planes.

photo 5(43)

I stride back, fog slightly dissipating, sun rising, adding new color to the lightening sky.  Each moment brings new beauty and joy.  When I reach the van, I have to sit for a time, gathering myself together, to come down so I can face the rest of the morning.  I’ve been blessed with almost an hour of soul rejuvenation and morning has broken.

photo 3(92)

I’m in traveling mode once again so if I seem to be ignoring you, it’s not on purpose.  You can keep up with me on my blog, at least later in the week when I’ve had a chance to relax.

  1. Stunning photos. Love the flowers. I can see why you can hear the song ‘morning has broken’. 😀

  2. I like this mornings and today the first thing what came into my head was this song :o)

  3. travfoern says:

    The purple flowers…stunning!

  4. words4jp says:

    Gorgeous. I do love the beauty of the trail.

    • Every day there has beauty but this day and the one after were exceptional. I have so many photos, but they’ll have to be shared a few at a time, so as not to drive everyone crazy.


  5. trina59 says:

    I have always loved this time of the year and you have caught it’s magic in beautiful fotos and prose! Thanks.

  6. Beautiful images, Janet. Love that first one; really misty moisty. 🙂

  7. thirdeyemom says:

    These are gorgeous Janet. I especially adore the purple flower with the rain drops on it. Beautiful.

  8. That fog is unreal, and yes, so beautiful. I could easily see these as photos as framed prints. You should consider setting up shop!

  9. Janet-
    I love this series of photos and thoughts. Misty mornings, and misty evenings are good for the soul, I agree. Wonderful to “be in a fog” once in a while… It you asked me, they are the best times for inner reflection and self-realizations when life gets dampered down a bit.

    • Jane, I agree. Just being in nature and quiet is good for one’s soul. Even if someone’s a city person, they should reconnect with nature regularly. For myself, I need to do so often. Glad you enjoyed the photos!


  10. Bumba says:

    Great photos. Bon voyage!

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