Goin’ to the chapel

Posted: October 7, 2014 in Travel
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This part of France, the Franche-Comté,  is filled with out-of-the-way places that have the ability to surprise and amaze.  Following a road not taken or a sign formerly ignored may lead to nothing or to a jewel.  The latter is true of our trip following the sign and the gradually narrowing road to a small, well-kept chapel.  The “well-kept” part may be a bit surprising, considering the chapel is in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by forest with a stream running unseen but heard nearby.  Although the road appears to be someone’s drive, the green expanse in front of the chapel is mowed and the chapel clean, despite the smell of damp that lead us to keep the unlocked doors open during our visit to help it air out.

photo 1(123)

A stone slab outside serving as a picnic table appeared to us to be perhaps be a sacrificial stone.  The large channel could be for the draining of blood.  We didn’t have picnic fixings with us, but that thought was a bit off-putting, whether true or not.

photo 3(95)

After reading about the chapel (translation thankfully done by my s-i-l, but original at the end of the post), we tried the doors, expecting them to be locked and were happy to find they weren’t.  Much more enjoyable to see the place from the inside, rather than peering through the windows in the substantial wooden doors.

photo 2(125)

The Templers’ cross on the wall echoes the one we found as we come down the grass-covered road to the chapel, passing several contented cows on the way.  Inside, light was beautifully provided by several narrow, stained glass windows.

photo 3(94)

photo 4(60)

On a side wall was a simple painting of Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus.

photo 5(44)

The entire area was silent except for the sound of the stream and permeated with peace.  We went away impressed, glad we’d followed the sign and the road less taken.

photo 2(124)

  1. There are a lot of small chapels dotted around the country side in Europe. Both my children were baptised in a small freezing chapel. Great post. 😀

  2. Thanks for bringing us along to see this little place, Janet. I can see why you weren’t in the mood for a picnic but am glad you got to go inside and see the beautiful art and windows.

    • My pleasure, Lisa. Since we didn’t have any food with us, the issue didn’t arise, but it’s interesting to wonder whether it’s a sacrificial stone or not. Looks like it, though.


  3. How perfectly matched the surroundings are: narrowing road, cows grazing, stream close by. Lovely spot for a chapel. Glad the doors can still be left open. Pretty windows. Thanks for the tour

  4. This is indeed a jewel, Janet. Thanks for lending us your shinies. 🙂

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