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Posted: October 14, 2014 in Food, Travel
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Time for a food post! After all, I’m in France where good food is everywhere.  To start the day, I have yogurt, thick and creamy, with fig or mixed fruit or vanilla (this one’s vanilla) in cute pots in various colors.  The problem is that you don’t really want to throw the pots away because they’re so cute, but eventually you run out of things to do with them or people to give them to.  Then you have to be strong and toss them!

photo 3(97)

A great alternative or addition is slices of melon with pomegranate seeds.

photo 2(128)

Remember those mushrooms with the terrible-sounding name, death trumpets?  We’ve found quite a few and one of the tastiest ways is to have them in a simple sauce over pasta.  Fortunately, my s-i-l is a good cook.

photo 4(62)

We had lunch one day at a family-run restaurant not far from Melisey.  We got the three-course menu, which started with a wonderful salad of greens, tomatoes, figs and toasts with delicious goat cheese.  Unfortunately, I ate it before thinking of taking a photo.  🙂  My main course had red fish of some sort, potatoes and peas, also delicious. And the dessert?  Well, take a look.  Contrary to what you might think, it was very light, refreshing, cold, and tasty.

photo 1(128)

I imagine there might be another food report in the near future but for now, enjoy these delicious, calorie-free moments.

  1. I want it all :o) do you know any trick how to prepare pomegranates without making a mess?

  2. suej says:

    Well, you’re having a ball! 🙂

  3. M-R says:

    MENTEUSE !!!!! [grin]

  4. YES!!!! Favorite post of the morning!!! That cake looks worthy of a post on its own.

  5. Not that I love food or anything. LOL!

  6. billgncs says:

    probably have to pass on the “death trumpets”

  7. Does the yoghurt come in those pots from the supermarket?

  8. Sue Slaght says:

    What a delicious post! After our time in Italy and France my kitchen is looking rather uninspiring. 🙂

  9. sunsetdragon says:

    Oh yum and great shots.

  10. Our yogurts in the US have too much sugar in them. Is there a better way to eat yogurt without getting a sugar high?

  11. What a glorious array of eats! You’re right though, the French really do have a thing for custards, puddings, and yogurts in adorable little pots. I even found a number of luscious vegan options in those tiny jars, and yes, I did feel compelled to save all of the containers too. They make great photography props now. 🙂

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