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Posted: November 11, 2014 in Humor, Personal, Technology
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Last night, in an attempt to figure out a problem importing photos from my iPhone to my (non-Apple) laptop, I spent a lot of time waiting, first for one tech support guy, then to be connected with a supervisor (who never showed up.)  At the same time, my husband and I were also searching the Web for information on the problem and finding no answers.  Eventually, I finally found the answer purely by chance, disconnected, then realized I still had a post to put out for today.  Here’s a photo from my day at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha on Sunday that illustrates how my evening went.  I hasten to add that Apple tech support is unlikely to be the only one that gives this effect and the effect isn’t limited to computer support but to “support” from many businesses.


  1. I have no problems uploading my apple photos to Windows. My problem was down loading photos from Windows to my apple devices. I even bought an app which didn’t work. Finally after googling I managed to do it via I Tunes. After 2 hours!!!!! So I know how you feel.
    When I connect my phone to my pc a window automatically pops up to upload photos.
    Hope that helps. Great photo. 😍

    • I have no trouble importing photos normally, but last night, the images numbered after 9999 wouldn’t show up on my laptop. The Apple consultant didn’t know what to do and after waiting around for him, I was waiting for the supervisor to show up (which he never did.) In the interim, I discovered that the photos were being numbered 0001 and up and were appearing at the top of the folder instead of after #9999. So that works, but they evidently didn’t know that. 🙂 So all is well.


  2. words4jp says:

    i hope you resolved your issue. i am the least tech minded person – i go straight to my geniuses – boy one and boy two.

    • My husband’s a tech guy, too, but I found that the photos were being renumbered, starting with 0001, but were at the top of the folder, rather than at the bottom after #9999.


  3. brainsnorts says:

    I usually email the pictures from my phone. Then open the email on my laptop and download the pictures that way. I used to post the pictures to myself on facebook from my phone, but then I noticed that Facebook greatly decreases the picture quality.

    • I can do that, but it takes much more time. Plugging the phone in via USB is simple but the iPhone obviously had some sort of issue with numbers over 9999. Glad we figured out what was going o.

  4. We have two Mac books and I do love the Genius Bar but then again they aren’t available at night. 🙂

  5. Tina Schell says:

    LOL on your perfect-fit photo! I have to say Apple’s support team has been much better than most for me, and I’ve used them several times 😒. Comcast, on the other hand, makes my blood boil!! I’m hysterical that their latest TV commercial compares them (favorably HAH) to their competition. I cannot imagine that their support is something they want to draw attention to!! Great post, I know just how you felt!

    • Tina, I think we’ve all experience similar situations, whether with tech support or utilities, banks, etc. Ah, well, I can keep taking iPhone photos and putting them on my PC and from there, on discs, so I’m happy.janet

  6. helenscribe says:

    Photo of sloth so pertinent to much of tech support. Most of us wander around searching for answers, so your post really resonates. Point is . . . what’s YOUR time worth? Sort of like waiting in a doctor’s office for a scheduled appointment. You’ve got to be dying to make it worth the wait.

  7. Aaahh .. stress times a million. 😝

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