A tasty Thai tidbit

Posted: November 15, 2014 in Food
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My mother-in-law used to say when finishing something she liked, that it was “a tasty tidbit”, something her sister said.  Today for lunch, my husband and I stopped at a Thai restaurant that we enjoy.  Lunch is a good meal to eat out, as price are usually a bit cheaper and you get more than just an entree.  The lunch specials (Monday-Friday only) here included soup, salad, and a choice from among potstickers, a fried tofu, and and egg roll and your choice of veggie/tofu/chicken/beef.

As we’re being assaulted by some winter cold which has arrived before it’s appointed time, it was a great day for soup and the special soup for Friday, a coconut soup, was one of the best soups we’ve ever had.  It had onions, mushrooms and a few other things but the flavor was what made it special.

photo 1(136)

I alternated between soup and the crisp salad, using chopsticks, of course.

photo 2(136)

The entree I chose was:

Spicy Basil Noodles with Vegetable or Tofu

  1. My favorite cuisine (and that’s saying something) is Thai. When we visit Taiwan, we often go for Thai there because they love it too! Those coconut milk, lime, fish sauce flavored soups are some of the best things on earth! YUMMMMM.

  2. Having got up and doing my blog before breakfast your photos make my toast seem rather tame. 😀

  3. diggingher says:

    Enjoyed some tasty Thai food twice this past week. Just love the flavors all melded together.

  4. Definitely a favorite and I too like to taste the individual elements that make up any dish; I am not big on just making it spicy hot.

  5. That sounds like it would warm you up! I’ve got to get together with my two friends who like Indian food too and try another one of our town’s restaurants soon.

  6. prior says:

    okay – now I am hungry – and soup on a cold winter day – mmm and mmm – also the coconut soup looks so delicious – but so does the entire lunch…. 🙂

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