Writing 3.7 – Writer’s Block

Posted: November 17, 2014 in Writing
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Rich, a friend and published author, has these good thoughts to share on getting over writer’s block.

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writer's block

Everyone wants to not discuss writer’s block, including me.  For many years I couldn’t understand why anyone actually experienced it.  I had always assumed it was just poor planning until I was recently up against it myself.  The good news about writer’s block is that it’s very easy to work through it.  The bad news is that the ways to work around it aren’t all that much fun.

Keep in mind that I have probably been writing for longer than you’ve been alive.  I wrote my first real short story back in ’86 and my first novel somewhere around ’92.  I’m not saying they were any good, but I wrote them, and that’s the first, most important, and most difficult step.  However, this piece isn’t about writing.  It’s about not writing, so let’s not write.

First, what is writer’s block?  It depends on how you write and whether you are a…

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  1. ChristineR says:

    Interesting post of Rich’s. I’m a panster, and can relate to writers block well. I’m sure it is caused by a lack of foresight.

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