Winter snuggles deeply down

Posted: November 22, 2014 in Nature, Poetry
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Walking outside 
   I inhale crystal shards:
   sparkling, beautiful, sharp
   slicing my nose and lungs;
   wind accentuates the cold.
Birds huddle
   in puffy, feather coats
   inside bushes nearly denuded of leaves.
Squirrels draped in fur
   (would PETA member throw paint on them?)
   scamper everywhere
   heedless of the cold
   stashing nuts in places too soon forgotten.

Calendar a lie
Winter snuggles deeply down
Cold seeps into bones



  1. You romanticised a fearsome day there Janet! Beautiful poetry as always, and fun jibe. Thank you! If that is another shot with an iphone, I think a camera cannot do better.

    • Hamish, virtually all my photos are taken with my iPhone. The camera is one of the main reasons I decided to finally get a smart phone (at Bill’s urging) and I haven’t regretted it for a minute. There are some shots that make me long for my Nikon, but not enough to make up for the ease of packing the phone in my pocket!


  2. Those naughty squirrels! I grinned at that image.

  3. Beautiful post. Love the photo and poem. 😀

  4. pike says:

    Beautiful golden river!

  5. Wonderful poem, Janet. You paint a beautiful picture of the cold day. 🙂

  6. Beautiful photo! And very appropriate thoughts – it seems this winter is indeed snuggling down for quite the show this year.