Please bear with me!

Posted: December 9, 2014 in Animals
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This is a traveling week for me, bringing our younger daughter home for Christmas, so I won’t have lots of online time.  Seems like a great time to share another set of photos from Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo.  I’m not sure what sort of bear this is; I really need to start writing this information down.  But he’s an unusual one as you’ll when you look for his ears and at his fur.  As for that last shot, I managed to catch him at just the right moment!

He was lazing about at the top of a tree, right at the level of me and my fellow gawkers, and didn’t seem interested in going much of anywhere until a keeper dropped a cantaloupe to the ground.  Faster then you can ask “Are you hungry”, he moved down with alacrity and began eating.  Priorities!

If you missed the other zoo posts, I also have for your viewing pleasure giraffes, penguins, a tiger, fish, and a young gorilla.




  1. nowathome says:

    Wow! Quite a scary one!

  2. globalunison says:

    I hope you and you family have happy holidays and get to celebrate Christmas all together with good wine and amazing home baked fruit cake and not to forget, a visit from Santa :))

    Warm Regards,

    • Naima, it’s wonderful to see you. How is school going and how are you? We’ll all be together for Christmas and, God willing, will have a delicious and blessed Christmas. Hope all is well with you and your family, too!


      • globalunison says:

        Thank you for asking, everything is fine by me. I am going back for christmas as well so i hope i can have a delicious one too. Blessings and love for you and your family.


  3. I know I have never seen a shot of a bear’s tongue extended as long as that one that you caught in any other picture in my memory – yet I have memories of seeing bears tongue honey and knew that their tongues were as long as you captured it it in your shot.

    Just terrific that you were able to snap it!

    Aside from not wanting, ever, to run up close to a bear – even though they look so wonderfully cuddly – I never would want to get slurped by one either.


  4. Joyce says:

    He looks like one of the basic ‘brown bear’.

  5. billgncs says:

    or bare with you ? 🙂

  6. Great photos and I love the title of your post. 😀

  7. Great photos, Janet. Safe travels with your daughter. 🙂

  8. Amy says:

    Great captures, Janet! The last one is pretty scary.

  9. Oh my, check out that waggling tongue! This guy looks more like a furry lizard than a grizzly bear, if you ask me. 😉

  10. Would you look at that slab of baloney hanging off his face! Hysterical. 😀 He’s beautiful!