Black and White” is our theme for every week 3 of the Phoneography and Non-SLR Photo Challenge.  Each month talented photographers meet the challenge.  Black and white wouldn’t have been much of a challenge many years ago when black and white was the only option for photographers.  Some of us are old enough to remember that.  Now it’s simple to change a color photo to black and white or even take it in B&W; not so simple to choose a photo that translates well to losing its color.  I think these two meet all of these challenges and I hope you enjoy them.



  1. Good Evening: Really like the top one (thistles?). Nice use of closeup. Vonn Scott Bair

  2. suej says:

    I like the second one,,,.

  3. The background in the 1st photo has mystery. As if, we should be looking for something or someone. Great effect …

  4. The first is my favorite, because I enjoyed the contrast and tones as well as the way the flower head seems to be dancing. Happy Photo Challenge.

  5. Allan G. Smorra says:

    I like the first photo a lot. The drop in focus (and not in contrast, too) after the subject works well for me.

  6. Of course I remember B&W photography…my daughter even took a class in it at college. 😉
    I really love black and white photography. some times I make a photo b&w just to see how the light works in it.
    The second icy image catches my eye.
    Happy Monday.

    • The editing apps make it easy to convert, Carol, which is really quite nice, isn’t it? I know you can use apps to take a photo in B&W, but I like taking it in color and then I can always edit it to B&W and have both. 🙂


  7. Stunning photos. Love the thistle head. 😀

  8. Lovely choices, Janet. I really feel the frosty cold air in your first photo.

  9. Awesome monochromes this week!

  10. Angeline M says:

    Both photos definitely lend themselves to the conversion from color to B&W. I love them both! It is so true that to find the photo that will look good sans color, especially nature shots, is the challenge.

  11. pattimoed says:

    Gorgeous shots, Janet!

  12. thirdeyemom says:

    Beautiful Janet! I love the first one especially! 🙂

    • Thank, Nicole. Nice to have you drop by! Hope you’re getting ready for a wonderful Christmas. Will you be at home?


      • thirdeyemom says:

        We just celebrated our family Christmas with the kids yesterday on Sunday. It is always a whirlwind for us as we have all four birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas within five weeks and are always either in AZ or VA for the holidays. We leave Wednesday for Virginia to see my family and my husbands. It will be wonderful! And you?

      • Nicole, I have to say that your third-to-last sentence really made me laugh, as when your fingers left off the apostrophe in “husband’s”, you gained at least one additional husband or more. 🙂 What have you been hiding from us (or your husband)??

        Our younger daughter’s home from art school, our older daughter comes in tomorrow night, and the one s-i-l who is within driving distance arrives Wednesday night. So it will be the usual suspects, although one of our older daughter’s friends has often spent Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter with us. But she’s able to go home this year, so while we’ll miss her, I’m glad for her, too.

        I can see that all those birthdays and holidays within such a short time make for a hectic holiday schedule. But safe travels and enjoy!!


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