I’m not lyin’, but she is!

Posted: December 23, 2014 in Animals
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Lions are the second-largest members of the cat family, after tigers.  The lion population has been declining rapidly, beginning in the last half of the 20th century, with loss of habitat and clashes with humans the largest contributors, although the causes aren’t completely understood.

As you would expect, females do most of the work.  🙂  Males prowl their territories and fight; both spend much of their day resting and sleeping.  In most species, the male is characterized by having the mane we’re used to seeing.  The females hunt in groups for the pride but lions can’t run for long distances, so they sneak up on their prey.






  1. Sandra says:

    Love the editing on this. Picasa?

    • Picasa 3, Sandra. I’m too lazy so far to use anything else and although I have lots of other editing apps on my phone, I do all my editing on my laptop. Much larger and so, much easier.


      • Sandra says:

        Which mode? They look almost like paintings. Lovely.

      • I use a combination of edits, Sandra, but since I don’t keep track of them, I’d have to go back in and take each one off to see what I used and then reapply them all again. I don’t have time to do that now, unfortunately. I’ll try to remember to do so later when I have more time (and by “later”, I mean after Jan. 1.)

      • Sandra says:

        No worries. I’ve got Picasa – I’ll nosey around a bit more.

  2. Interesting information. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. They are just big pussy cats. Shame that they have to be caged up in most countries.

    • As I mentioned in my first post on the zoo, I have mixed feelings about zoos. I share you aversion to having animals caged, but without zoos, most people would never see most of these animals and some animals wouldn’t be saved from extinction. I know they look like big pussy cats, but they’re wild animals and only become somewhat less so when in zoos or places where they get used to humans. The “wild” part always remains, even if buried inside to some extent.


  4. I like each of your portraits of these majestic creatures.

  5. You post these with pride but not as a member, I think. Randy
    The golden hues are very nice.

  6. Great photos and I love your editing. All the best for Christmas and a prosperous New Year Janet. 😀

  7. words4jp says:

    I love when dogs and cats lay on their backs. My biys and i call it laying like a ‘people’. So cute!!

  8. Magestic looking … you captured all of the powerful grace. 😊

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