Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth…of love

Posted: December 26, 2014 in Family, Weekly Photo Challenge
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The Weekly Photo Challenge theme, “Warmth“, slipped in early today, which is fine, as it allows me time with our daughters. For Christmas, I’m happy if there’s snow and I don’t mind the cold, but I always want family around.  Next to the warmth of God’s love for me, the love of family is the warmth I cherish the most.



  1. yes, that’s what I want too, even with all our storm and rain, we are together, that counts. have wonderful Howl-i-days.

  2. Sandra says:

    That looks like a snuggly time, Janet. Lovely!

  3. Janet, lovely picture and beautiful energy. Thank you for sharing. Happy Holidays and wishing you the best year ever in 2015. Peace and blessings, Michele

  4. Helen C says:

    What a lovely picture! You said it well. I, too, do cherish the love of the family… including the extended family from this blogging community. Helen

  5. K.Z. says:

    happy holidays to you and your lovely family ❤

  6. Indira says:

    Lovely photo and views Janet.

  7. Ese' s Voice says:

    So warm and really precious, Janet!
    Happy holidays!

  8. globalunison says:

    It is such a lovely picture. Happy Holidays!!

    With lots of love for the whole family,

  9. I’m smiling as I look at the three of you.Happy holidays, and much love from the faith you have expressed, the love of family, and the warmth all of you project. Randy 😉

  10. I totally agree with you. Family are so important. 😀

  11. quarksire says:

    Right on .. happy new yearZ 2 U an urs 😎
    snow an a warm fire is what makes da’ werld go round here,,,an oh yeah …electricity! lol. Q
    my werld is like ur back ground to wake to today…my best friend..well my shovel an my dogs 🙂 .

    • No snow here, unfortunately, but since I have to do some serious driving over the next four days, I hope it holds off. I do like snow in winter, though.

      Happy new year to you and yours as well, Quark, and thanks for visiting.


  12. A lovely group photo capturing a warm moment in the lives of those you cherish. Wonderful take on the challenge, Janet. 😍

    • Thanks, Izzy. I also really appreciate my blogging friends, of whom you are one!


      • uh oh .. I think I left out the – r- in warm. haha
        Well, it could be considered a wam moment to get everyone to sit for a photo. …. silly me 😃
        Hugs back to you for the lovely blogger friend comment. I am always taken aback by the kind and gentle words we all exchange.💓
        I hope that the year 2015 will be a year that people can do that to each other in person. 🎆

      • Izzy, I love meeting other bloggers in person. So far I’ve met quite a few, but I’m always up for meeting more. May this be the year!


        P.S. Took care of the missing “r”.

  13. Anita says:

    You said it, Janet. Just the kind of words for this season. 🙂

  14. galeweithers says:

    Even better than the photo was my favourite line of all: “Next to the warmth of God’s love for me, the love of family is the warmth I cherish the most.” I agree 300% and yes, the photo was a great interpretation of the ‘warm’ challenge too. Good job 🙂

  15. vastlycurious.com says:

    Ahhhhh this touched my heart !

  16. Cheers to family and for 2015 Janet!

  17. Madoqua says:

    What a lovely family! I hope your Christmas was delightful!
    May 2015 bring you much happiness!

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