Christmas disappeared today

Posted: January 10, 2015 in Poetry
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Christmas disappeared today
into the maw of the truck
   eating the set-out Christmas trees.

Arctic winds swept dry snow
into crunchy scallops
across equally crunchy yards.

A bush outside our window 
scraped it in a manner worthy of Jack Nicholson
    on a horror rampage.

Unprotected heads and hands
squandered heat
faster than a teen with Mom’s credit card.

Tea and coffee were copiously consumed,
furnaces struggled valiantly,
soups and stews bubbled,
and dreams of spring crept in unbidden.

  1. yprior1 says:

    I love your writing – this was so fun and the way you wrote this -w ell i was feeling the….
    “dreams of spring” after xmas too…. 🙂

    • I enjoy winter and I love that we finally have snow (although I could do without the biting wind chills), but one of the things I love about winter is how wonderful it makes the time when spring finally arrives. Hmmmm. Might be a poem there, too. Anyway, it seems appropriate that Christmas, with its message of love and hope, would get us thinking about spring, growing things, life, etc.


      • yprior1 says:

        yes, I agree – and I also like how in this poem you give us a feeling of closure to the holiday season – in a way that helps us turn that page for the arrival of the next phase…

      • I think Christmas and the end of the year tend to do that as well, while the new date brings thoughts of new seasons as well, even though we have a time to wait yet.


      • yprior1 says:

        yeah – I agree – and saw a few buds on some trees last week – even tho spring is still a couple months away – that was a nice thing to see….

  2. uthamz says:

    Nice one , Janet ! ” faster than a teen with Mom’s credit card ” – loved that !


  3. St. Nick comes down a chimney and your Christmas goes down the maw of the truck. I like that. It took me a while, though to munch on those cold and crunchy scallops until the image finally did work for me. I could just feel the grating of Jack Nicholson’s fingernails against the window. And you’re right, no teen ever have access to a credit card. (At least until she or he has proved himself or himself sufficiently customer trustworthy). And with all that coldness, dreams of spring would creep in unbidden, but certainly, at least sub-consciously, desired.

    It really was a very nice and fun piece. Thank you. Randy

    • Yeah, maybe NOT the kind of scallops upon which to munch, Randy, unless doing a face plant while skiing or sledding. Glad you enjoyed it and hope you’re enjoying the start of the weekend. Just glad St. Nick didn’t go into the maw as well!


  4. Easily the most depressing time of the year, now that there’s just winter left to deal with… Of course, it’s much easier to handle from Hawaii, but alas, I too will feel that cold again shortly! If only I could stay in paradise forever.

    • Perhaps one day soon, Hannah. We have snow and sunshine, both of which lift my spirits, if not the temperature. But soon it will warm up a bit and life will be good. Glad you’re somewhere warm for now.


  5. Unbidden? What’s this “unbidden” stuff? I’ve been ready for spring for at least a month, thank you 😉

  6. YUP … this is the after the holidays are over blues. There’s almost like a love / hate emotion involved when it comes to the tree and all of the decorations. Guilt ridden we trudge our decorations from the tidy place they were kept happy in and bring them to a chaotic place where, supposedly, everyone has been waiting for. WHY ???
    Mmmm … holidays … whay must there be so much drama. Can’t we all be friends !!! 😎

    • I love having the Christmas decorations up as long as possible, Izzy, and have sometimes had them up until almost February. This year, however, I just finished packing them all away. I do love Christmas!


      • Oh, I thought you didn’t. I love Christmas too. Our decorations stay up until Little Christmas aka Fiest of the Three kings (December 6th). They celebrate that day for gifts in Puerto Rico. Christmas eve is a religious celebration … no gifts.
        I suppose I was imposing my negativity towards family drama during the holidays. : (
        Speaking of keeping the tree up a long time … my hubby and I left the tree up ( a real one ) until our anniversary in August the 1st year we were married (that was 49 years ago). We wanted it to be our gifts that year. Looking back it seems a bit silly. We enjoy the faces everyone had when they walked in and saw it. Ahhh … wonderful memories. Thanks for reminding me. 😍

      • The poem was meant to show the feeling of sadness someone might have when the Christmas tree is finally taken down and thrown out. 🙂

  7. Let everyday be a festival of life, new things to celebrate about, new passions to be born again and again, new lights and hopes kindling every now and then, so much joy for ourselves and for sharing with others. And then we can have Christmas, and the birth and blessings of Lord, everyday. (Minus so much of shopping and consumerism) … 🙂

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