Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Macro…sharp

Posted: January 12, 2015 in Nature, Phoneography Challenge
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For this week’s theme, “Macro“, I spent some time scrolling through older shots before chosing this one. Perhaps last week’s frigid temperatures, which kept me from my morning walks in the park, brought out a latent longing for spring, even though I enjoy winter.   I used the Lomo-ish and Vignette effects for editing.


  1. a poignant pic, he said pointedly
    a pointed pic, he said poignantly
    (say it many times fast,
    but watch out for a slip of the lip
    or you’ll end up saying a
    poignant or a pointed pric –
    which in this pic is not inappropriate)

    you know who.

  2. Bipasha says:

    I really like how you included a blunt or broken thorn in the frame… it sort of enhances the sharpness of the intact thorns.

  3. Jan Morrill says:

    I love macro photography, and this one, I especially like. Beautiful!

    • Thanks very much, Jan. I’m excited because one of my Christmas presents was a 4-in-1 set of Olloclip lens, including 2 macro lenses, for my iPhone. I’m really looking forward to trying them…when it’s warm enough to take my gloves off, put the lens on, take a photo, take it off, and put it away, all without freezing my fingers!! 🙂


  4. There is so much to say about your simple yet strong image. First, the clarity and focus on the thorns invites a closer and closer examination. Mostly, I am struck by the layering caused by the blurring of the background. Also the position of the thorns: one shooting upward and one downward has a symbolism, at least for me. Nicely composed and executed. Happy Photo Challenge.

    • Sally, the position of the thorns is most likely by chance; at least I don’t remember setting up the photo that way, although it might be an unconscious bit of composition. I’m pleased you liked it though. I was given a set of Olloclips for Christmas and am looking forward to being able to get even closer for macro once it warms up enough to use them.


  5. Allan G. Smorra says:

    Color, close-up, composition—you got it all in this image, Janet. Well done.

  6. Amy says:

    I agree with Allan. The details are incredible, Janet!

  7. Helen C says:

    I agree with Amy 😉 A great photo! Helen

  8. maryslow says:

    Beautiful shot! I have abandoned my walks for the time being. Limits material though, doesn’t it?

  9. A great macro shot that brings back memories of when I was a child. We used to break off these thorns and stick them to our nose, like a unicorn!! Very balanced and interesting with the stump on the left.

  10. That’s a great close-up, Janet. Those thorns do look painful — beautiful but painful! 😀

  11. Suzanne says:


  12. Janet-
    I’m longing for Spring, too. But, now I think I need to be careful what I wish for. Our tree buds are way too swollen for this time of year, the neighbors bulbs are breaking the soil surface, and a flock of geese went over yesterday… flying north…

    Not sure about these signs…

    • I think the whole idea of geese going south in the winter is a little off. The vast gaggles around us seem to have no idea when and where to go. Perhaps they need a good GPS. I always hope for winter that has temperatures mostly below freezing just for ther eason you mentioned–so that plants don’t think it’s spring and start growing. They seem to be fairly resilient, though, which is a blessing.