Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

Posted: January 16, 2015 in Weekly Photo Challenge
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Every Friday, photographers, professional and amateur, wait for WordPress to publish the theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge.  When it’s out, we begin going through our files of photos to see which might be the most appropriate for the theme.  Once posted, the fun then switches to viewing what others have done, as well as, of course, hoping that they’ll like what we shared.  Listen.  Can’t you hear…”Ten, nine, eight, seven, six…”? This week’s theme is “Serenity.”  And I’ve just added a companion piece to this.


  1. Shelly Tennyson Taylor says:

    That looks very serene!

  2. I have finally discovered what time on Friday the challenge is set…I love the reflections on the water and the bluish hue of your image very serene.

    • Jim, knowing the time makes life easier…until that once or twice per year that it shows up really early or really late. 🙂 Glad you enjoy the photo. It’s one of my favorites.


  3. Archita says:

    Great photograph for serenity. I loved your interpretation.

  4. Norma says:

    Serene it is….

  5. Sandra says:

    Lovely photo Janet. Glad you posted early. I got a false start this week and picked up a previous prompt so I was halfway through exporting from my archives when yours came in and I spotted my mistake. Thank you! That would have been embarrassing. 😦

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  7. […] Adventures Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity MINDING MY P’S WITH Q Photo – Serenity This, that and the other thing Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity jimholroyd365 Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity infinity After a storm… nancy merrill […]

  8. Nicely “impressionist”

  9. thirdeyemom says:

    Beautiful Janet! How did you capture this photo? It looks like the flowers are frozen in the ice.

  10. words4jp says:

    This is hauntingly beautiful. To me haunting and serenity can be the same.

  11. I love this photo, Janet. It would make a great poster or canvas print for a wall. Wonderful processing. What software do you use?

  12. Serene indeed! It looks mesmerizing.
    Have a great weekend!

  13. like a dancer in repose – stunning!!! Congrats on hitting the 3 year mark

  14. Janet, I have no words. The feeling brought to my heart at the simple click on your picture is so amazing and filling that I have to say how fitting it was to the theme. Great entry! I want more! 😉

    • Thanks very much, Carol. I was quite happy with the way it turned out. It’s always nice when a photo turns out better than you think rather than being a disappointment. 🙂


  15. Love your take on how this photo challenge works, and of course, the image you chose for serenity is very surreal and serene. We are like little puppet photographers, waiting for Mother WordPress to yank our strings each week to give us the bigger audience we all crave.

    • Aren’t we just the little puppets, Jann? But it’s fun and as you say, a great way to get our work out and see what others think of it. I just realized I had a companion piece for this, so I put out a second entry, something I virtually never do. But it was fun.

  16. Moon says:

    Beautiful like a painting!

  17. Lola Jane says:

    I also enjoyed seeing your words about how the whole photo challenge works.

    I am still learning about photography, and this challenge always gets me to refocus (ha!). Even though I cover all sorts of topics, the photo challenges seems to get me to think about my blog again, especially if it has been a while since I put up an article.

    Seeing other bloggers interpret the theme is always fun, surprising at times, and through photographs, a wonderful way to see the world and enjoy the creativity of the WordPress blogging community.

    • Lola, it’s a great way to get inspired and learn and always fun to see what others think of what you’ve done. I’ve finished three years of blogging every day and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Hope you’re enjoying a great weekend.


  18. Suzanne says:

    Very dreamy and serene image Janet.

  19. I like the splash of color in your companion piece, but I like the clarity of this one. Both are inviting the kid in me to jump in and make a splash though!

  20. vastlycurious.com says:

    Looks like a painting, it’s just wonderful!

  21. It does look like a beautiful painting – very creative indeed!

  22. Leya says:

    This is magic! love it.

  23. galeweithers says:

    This is exactly what most of us do on Fridays … my problem is that I take a little longer than most to actually post a photo but I strongly believe better late than never 😀

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