Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale…optical delusion

Posted: February 6, 2015 in Humor, Just for fun, Weekly Photo Challenge
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Welcome to the first Weekly Photo Challenge of February: “Scale.”  I’ve just begun a part time job working at a tea shop and since I’m scheduled on Fridays, I’m late to the challenge.  However, I hope you enjoy my entry as much as I enjoyed dreaming it up.  After all, women just wanna have fun!

Have a marvelous weekend!


  1. What an interesting parking lot, Janet. 😉

  2. Jaap Kroon says:

    I love de idea and the picture!

  3. Great colours and I love the difference in the scale of your objects

  4. This is a fun photo, Janet. Is that a tea pot in the background? LOVE it!

  5. A whole new pot of thought for driving time. I like playing with scale and putting toy object in realistic environments just for fun. Great little car!
    Job in a tea shot – that sounds like fun – great product and there’s bound to be stories showing up there!

  6. That is a great idea to use the subject for the challenge! I am preparing toys photo for the challenge also. Thank you for sharing. Just lovely!

  7. Woolly Muses says:

    There was a big smile on my dial as soon as I read ‘optical delusion’. Love the title and the photo.

  8. becca givens says:

    What fun — a tea shop!! I would enjoy tasting the inventory!! Great shot!

  9. Your photo makes me feel as though I’ve stepped through the looking glass. Lovely tea pot, brilliant composition 😉

  10. So cute! Enjoy your new job. 🙂

  11. Indira says:

    Interesting entry Janet.

  12. Interesting response to the challenge…I love the combination of shapes and color, it creates such an eye catching and thought provoking image.

  13. Norma says:

    The idea certainly very creative and I had fun, too. 🙂

  14. yprior1 says:

    well hope you first week went well – and nice eclectic and artsy take on the wpc….
    I like the reflection of the car in the metal on the clock –

  15. Lovely clean, colorful pic! I love any picture with a VW Beetle in it. So does Helga, my VW Beetle.

    • Say hello to Helga from Sundance, named after my bright yellow VW Super Beetle of the 70’s and beyond! Unfortunately, he’s not mine any longer, but what a blast while we were together.


      • Oh, boy. Yellow must have been great to find quickly in the car park 🙂 A 1970’s babe? a 1300? Tournesol has one of those, a white one (code name = the hard-boiled egg). He had it when I first met him… Helga is a green Mexican babe, 1981 version.

      • Sundance was a ’75 Super Beetle with a moon roof. I drove him all over the place and when I lived in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, into a lot of 4-wheel places. Once I got married and we had the girls, the car seat wouldn’t fit in the back (only two doors) so we sold him to a mom for a birthday gift for her 16-year-old son. They had lots of money, so I imagine he got all duded up and ran for many, many years, maybe even today.

      • We put the car seat in the front for Bigfoot, and I was in the back seat. He learned to drive in the same car that had been used to take him home from the maternity ward… We ended up buying a “grown-up car” when Little My was born, as we couldn’t fit three in the back seat 🙂

  16. The vibrant yellow against the tea pot makes the vw pop out causing us to realize the scale of it. Wonderful, Janet. The tea pot is gorgeous, too. : )

    • Good morning, Izzy. I’m pleased you like the photo. The teapot is a treasure. I don’t use it for tea, although I probably should, but have it out on display and love looking at it.


      • I think it’s a treasure too. I have 2 teapots but they’re art ones. They cannot be used and are very contemporary. Great details on yours. You could use it for Travel Theme this week … details. : ) Take another photo. LOL

  17. seeker says:

    You sure know how to have fun in the job and post about it.

  18. autopict says:

    Perfect idea and implementation!

  19. Tina Schell says:

    Way to capitalize on the new job Janet! Looks like you’re enjoying it 😊

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  21. 2e0mca says:

    An interesting still life of everyday items with a humurous twist 🙂

  22. Jane Lurie says:

    Great composition and colors, Janet.

  23. galeweithers says:

    Ha ha ha ha! As a woman how can I not agree with you that all we want to do in life is have fun? Cute photo and cool interpretation of this week’s challenge. How is the job going? Hope you’ll be able to share other photos with us soon!

    • The job’s going wonderfully, Gale. Thanks for asking. I haven’t had time to take any photos, although I simply need to wait until after work to get some. Probably tomorrow’s post will be about the first two weeks, but the only pictures will be drawn with words. 🙂

      Have a wonderful weekend.


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  25. Very clever and creative! I feel like Alice in Wonderland. Quite Whimsical!

  26. Touch2Touch says:

    I ended up not being able to come up with an entry at all. This is really clever.

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