Phoneography and Non-SRL Digital Devices Photo Challenge and 5-Day Black and White Challenge: architecture

Posted: February 23, 2015 in Phoneography Challenge
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I rarely combine challenges, but this photo, taken in downtown Chicago last summer, seemed to work well for both Day 3 of the Black and White Challenge and for the 4th Monday of the month Phoneography Challenge, Challenger’s Choice.  The black and white really makes the details show up and there are lots of details!


Today I’d like to invite Nicole at Third Eye Mom to participate in the 5-Day Black and White challenge.  She has the most marvelous, colorful photos from all over the world, but I know she can do a great job in B&W as well.  But you’ll find much more than photos on her blog.  I’m not going to give anything away.  Just visit.  I assure you you won’t regret it.

  1. Nice photo of a clock with real character. Nice. 🙂

  2. Janet, I like your composition, which gives emphasis to those architectural features. The contrasts and tones make a strong case for monochrome. Happy Photo Challenge.

    • Sally, even our snow is monotone these days–white with lots of black and dark junk in it. 🙂 It’s at the point where I’d prefer it melted and we’d get some new and pristine. Glad you enjoyed the photo and have a wonderful week.


  3. Hi, Janet.
    Great choice. You show congrats in two ways. The contrasts of old and new architecture. The monochrome contrast, which brought the clock forward.
    Composition is really beautiful.

  4. So well done every thing in line!

  5. Angeline M says:

    Wonderful monochrome photo that works so well in bringing out the details!

  6. Great photo. I love the contrast between the old style clock and the modern glass building in the background. Lovely work.

  7. Amy Reese says:

    Nice one! I think I have something for this possibly. Do you just post today? I’m unfamiliar with this. My photo would be for the non-digital entry.

    • Amy, the challenge restarts every Monday, when Sally puts her post out. You can find her site by clicking on the highlighted link in my post. There you’ll also find the various challenges for each Monday and links to everyone who’s entered so far. As long as the photo’s taken with a non-camera-camera and fits the theme, you’re good to go and more than welcome! Oh, yes, you can post any time during the week. I go back every day to see if anyone else has posted. You generally get the most views if you post on Monday, but it doesn’t matter and we love new people.


  8. Cecilia says:

    Perfect photo, so expressive! Congratulations.

  9. The architectural details on the clock and building is old world. I like the way the photo looks historic. Nice B & W for both challenges. : )

  10. thirdeyemom says:

    Wow Janet! Thanks so much!!! This sounds like a great challenge! I may do it in my other photo blog the thirdeyeworld if that is ok. Will see if I can start soon!! Jury duty all week and next. Thanks for thinking of me as it is quite an honor given your amazing photos!!!

    • Nicole, you can do it on any blog you like. It’s really quite a lot of fun and there are no time limits or real rules, which makes it very flexible. (Who would enforce rule infringement anyway??) 🙂 Nice of you to say that about my photos. I always enjoy your blog, too.

  11. thirdeyemom says:

    Also are there any specific instructions to the 5-day black and white challenge? Thanks so much!

  12. Indira says:

    Very nice. Very good composition.

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