50 Shades of….

Posted: March 10, 2015 in Nature, Poetry
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                                        Fifty Shades of Spring

It’s here.	


Clocks spring ahead, 
	readjusting day and night (not adding, mind you!)
spring in our steps.

The world becoming  (in the word of e.e.) 
                 as quickly as the now-grimy snow can melt.

Laundry cries to be dried outside
      though I’d be mud-lucious slogging to the clothes line
        	   (if I had one);
      	                   just-cleaned kitchen floor sparkles
			             in sunlight pouring through glass doors.

The urge to plant, to clean, to walk/run/drive.
To grow.
To run wildly.

O, frabjous day, it’s a Chelsea morning.

Fifty is the new seventy-five Fahrenheit.
Fifty degrees of sunshine,
    eroticism at its steamy best!

Forget the grey.
Embrace the yellow, green, orange, violet!

It’s here!


  1. nowathome says:

    Nice! I can see you cannot wait for Spring !

  2. cd1972 says:

    We had 15° C last sunday in Germany. Winter is over 🙂

  3. Well done. Had a giggle when I read it. But it is so true.

  4. thirdeyemom says:

    Happy Spring Janet! I loved the 62 degrees here today. Wow it felt wonderful! Love the poem.

  5. Spring … A time for renewal. Flowers bright in bright sunlight. Nice expression of what’s to come. 😀

  6. Good fun! Stylistically really fine poem….and give me 50 signs of Spring anyday!

    • I thought you’d enjoy it, Hamish. I’m heading out for a walk shortly, although it will be on the paved path around the small lake near our house, rather than in “my” park. Not sure if that path is dry yet. I’ll check next week.