Waiting for the sunshine

Posted: March 25, 2015 in Nature, Quotes
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In our hemisphere, everyone is waiting for the sun, waiting for that warmth that signals spring.  It’s been here…and then withdrawn.  Nights are still cold, snow still falls (at least in some places at some times.)  Not only nature holds her breath, but so do all of us waiting, waiting, waiting for spring’s final entrance.

Wednesday is usually the day for a Friday Fictioneers story, but today finds me just too busy.  Work and taxes are consuming my time, but better that than death and taxes!  🙂  So instead, in the spirit of spring or of new beginnings of any sort, I offer you this Victor Hugo quote to go with one of my photos.  As Scarlett O’Hara once famously opined: “Tomorrow IS another day.”  A warm spring day, I hope.


  1. Hope is one of the most enduring and triumphant of human qualities,

  2. I hope so and I hope Scarlett is right… she was always right, right? We currently have a “spring” what would make even Victor Hugo speechless…our 86 old neighbor said he never saw such a cold march :o(

    • From the looks of his books, Victor was never speechless…unless he used all his words in writing. Sorry your spring’s been so cold. We’ve had mostly quite good weather, despite this little regression of snow, which is now mostly gone.


  3. vbholmes says:

    Your entire package–lovely photo, well-chosen and well-placed quote–makes for a great image. Looks like inspirational poster material to me.

  4. What a gorgeous nod to Springtime, Janet! I love the photograph. I love the Victor Hugo quote. Perfection! ~Theadora (Have a great week. Sending positive tax time vibes to you.)

  5. Beautiful Janet. I love the photo and the quote is brilliant. Good luck with your taxes.

  6. Sue says:

    I was singing the Victor Hugo quote in my head. 🙂 Love Les Mis.

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