Having an ecstasy spasm

Posted: April 7, 2015 in Nature
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It’s Monday night and although I should be writing a post, I’m watching the NCAA national basketball championship game.  This is the only time of the year I’m interested in basketball and I’m hoping for a close game.  I spent the day running errands and working around the house, particularly trying to get rid of the piles of paper that tend to accumulate in my vicinity.  I didn’t spend any time just being; it was all doing.

When our girls were little and something was really exciting, we talked about having “an ecstasy spasm.” During my recent trip to Philadelphia, we spotted some very happy bees just bee-ing.  They were having ecstasy spasms as they buried themselves in flower after flower.  It does my heart good to see bees, but it does the world even more good, as they’re vital to pollinating so many plants.  I also had an ecstasy spasm when I looked through my photos later and saw that my phone had captured some rather good shots!


  1. Sue says:

    Well caught….to bee or not to bee?

  2. nowathome says:

    A brilliant photo!

  3. I just love having ecstasy spasms!

  4. Great shot. I always love those surprise photos that are better than anticipated. 🙂

  5. Sue says:

    Sweet photo – great catch!! I wish I had an ecstasy spasm with a Badger win last night, but it was a great game anyway.

  6. It’s such a joy to see the return of bees. Your capture really brings that joy to the forefront. I hope and hope that it is a year of their abundance.

  7. Amy says:

    Amazing capture, Janet!

  8. A seriously good photo. Amazing.

  9. Su Leslie says:

    Love the phrase! And you are right about the bees; without them we have no future. 🙂

  10. ChristineR says:

    Oh, I’ve managed to leave my comment on the wrong post! 😮 Terrific bee photo, Janet.