Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Photo Challenge: Challenger’s Choice…playing with the abstract

Posted: April 27, 2015 in Phoneography Challenge
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This week I’m having a bit of fun with editing a photo that was originally something of an abstract.  The parking garage I use while at work is damp and cold even when it’s nice outside.  On this particular day, you can see that there was moisture in abundance and I grabbed my phone from my purse on my way to the van and snapped some photos.  The fifth Monday (none this month) is when we play with editing, but I’m using editing to look at different ways to create various feels from one original photo.  In the interest of saving space, I’m leaving each photo a bit smaller than I normally do, but you can see it in a larger size just by clicking on it.  I’d love to hear which photo you enjoy the most and why.

Here’s the original with no editing except my name:


Each of the following has one or possibly two edits applied, including in two cases, cropping.  To see the subtle difference between the original and the last shot, click on each.





What say you?  Which strikes your fancy this marvelous Monday?

  1. Of the 4 consecutive pictures. I like the second. Randy.

    (good morning)

  2. steveo says:

    The original. It has a nicer gradation of dark to light, from bottom to top producing a natural flow. But gee, have you ever thought about finding a different job with a better garage?

    • The garage is the city garage just behind where I work. Parking is a big problem, as what’s on the street is three-hour and all the businesses like to leave that for customers. Even in the garage, the parking is three or four hour unless you buy a permit, so when I work an entire day, I have to go out to move my car twice! The garage isn’t terrible, just chilly and damp, although I have yet to see what it will be like in summer.


  3. I’ve decided that the last one is my favorite. The ethereal quality still remains, and the viewer gets a sharper view of the skyline. The black is blacker and that helps to get a sense of the scene without loosing the effects of the moisture in the air. Happy Photo Challenge.

  4. I like the last one for reasons that pretty much are in line with what Sally wrote in her response.

  5. I like them all, Janet but really enjoy the black and white along with the last one. Fun choices. 🙂

    • I appreciate your feedback, Lisa. Editing can be fun, but it’s so easy to get lost in it and surface many minutes later wondering how many applications I’ve gone through. 🙂


  6. Paula says:

    The first and the last one!

  7. I like the last photo, because of its depth (tunnel-like) and atmospheric mood. It’s like a scene straight out of a suspense film. Nicely done, Janet.

  8. Allan G. Smorra says:

    The B&W is my favorite—good job! Ω

  9. I quite like the first one. There is always interesting photos to find in the most unlikely places

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