Bemused by spring

Posted: April 30, 2015 in Miscellaneous, Nature
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Spring is a sneaky season. I look out the front window, turn away…and when I turn back, there it is.  The grass is green, the bushes have buds, daffodils’ cheerful faces are everywhere. Forsithia forsith, blossoms blossom. Daylilies, still weeks from flowering, grow with the speed of bamboo. The ones encircling our mailbox, when grown, provide a distinctive thicket of orange flowers and leaves that make directions easy. “We’re the house with the mailbox almost obscured by orange daylilies.” When I cut them back in fall, I worry that my husband won’t be able to find our house, a not unfounded worry.

I carry a folding chair to our west-facing deck, unusable during summer except during the morning or for baking, roll up my pants legs and sit, senses bemused by spring.


Forsythia forsithing

  1. I love forsythias… they remind me a little of stirred eggs :o)

  2. So true, especially this strange spring when all the plants stayed underground shivering until the last few weeks. Now the spring flowers that should have been spread out over a couple of months are all blooming at once!

  3. Lovely bright colours.

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