Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken and beautiful

Posted: May 22, 2015 in Weekly Photo Challenge
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For the next several weeks, my internet access will be very limited, so I thank in advance all of you who visit and comment, knowing I may not be able to reciprocate.  I appreciate you as much as I appreciated the woman in front of me at Aldi today, who had a full grocery cart and let me, with my five items, go ahead of her. Believe me, that’s a lot!

The theme for this week’s challenge is “Broken.”  We tend to think of broken as bad, but often something or someone must be broken, at least in some sense, for new life or new growth to occur.  The Sesame Street line, “Broken and beautiful” can truly be applicable, so watch for those moments.


  1. So true. A lovely pic, full of texture.

  2. Adrian says:

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Great photo. I used my egg up on last week’s photo challenge, so I’m glad you put this one on.

  3. K.Z. says:

    beautiful interpretation, Janet. 🙂

  4. What a wonderful example of something that has to break to allow growth!

    • Sharon, so very good to hear from you. How goes the cleaning-out-the-house battle? Hope all’s well with you guys.


      • Thank you! Things have been hectic – it’s a struggle to even find time to read other people’s posts. As for the house, ARRGGHH! (I do have good intentions for a couple of posts with more detail soon 😉 )

  5. Paula says:

    I can’t agree more. I hope that you are well Janet and that you will be absent for some good cause. Take care, paula

  6. This one really is broken, and beautiful. And let’s hope, flying around happily, too.

  7. vbholmes says:

    Interesting combination of forms and textures, Janet–the rough surface of the road, the smooth, rounded shell, the sharp, angular grasses. I like the variety of colors as well, and the active, mottled areas vs. the more static, solid colors. Nice.

  8. ladygrace33 says:

    Excellent choice !! Ann

  9. Such a great find and photo. Love this

  10. anewfoodblog says:

    Hey Janet, lovely pic! Did you use a filter or an editing tool for the final photo? I love how the effect on the egg’s spots! ☺️ Have a great week ahead -Kat

  11. macmsue says:

    A very interesting egg, do you know what kind it is?

  12. colonialist says:

    I like this shot – it can mean tragedy or triumph according to whether it is the remains of the shell after predator or after hatching.

  13. nowathome says:

    Perfect for this challenge!!

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  15. awfull amazing
    i like that

  16. dunelight says:

    Ahhh, new birdsong coming. 🙂
    Hey, I forgot to thank you for the support a couple of weeks ago. It was much appreciated. 😀

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