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To anticipate, not the sunrise and dawn merely, but, if possible. Nature herself!  How many mornings, summer and winter, before any neighbor was stirring about his business, have I been about mine!  No doubt, many of my townsmen have met me returning from this enterprise, farmers starting for Boston in the twilight or woodchoppers going to their work.  it is true, I never assisted the sun materially in his rising, but, doubt not, it was of the last importance only to be present at it.
~Henry David Thoreau


It’s admittedly easier to be, like Thoreau, present at the sunrise, during the spring and fall (or even winter), when sunrise doesn’t arrive at 5 am or thereabouts.  But whenever possible, or at least once every so often if you’re not a morning person, it’s worth the effort to be somewhere you can see the sun rise in peaceful solitude.  True, the sunrise does not need you to occur, but I believe each of us needs it.

  1. I’m a morning person and I love the moment before sunrise, think that’s called “L’heure bleue” (vice versa)

    • I think sunrise is a magical time–just before, during, and just after. I also love sunsets, but I think the difference is that with morning, all the possibilities are still in front of me, whereas at night, everything has already happened.


  2. Every morning is a new beginning…:-) Beautiful words and a lovely picture… 🙂

  3. There is nothing like the quiet of the early morning. 🙂

    • I so agree, Judy. Even here, where there’s always the hum of traffic if you pay attention, morning seems quiet and peaceful. I especially love being at the park when no one else is out.


  4. Bastet says:

    What a lovely photo and I enjoyed the quote you added to the post … sublime!

  5. lovetotrav says:

    Love this… I believe each of us needs it. So true after getting up early once this summer to realize this happens every day and every day I usually miss the beauty and serenity of such a moment!

    • It’s so much harder to do when sunrise is at 5 am or thereabouts. Much easier to catch a bit earlier or later in the year, but always worth the effort (at least once or twice.) 🙂


  6. atureaud says:

    Always a privilege to be able to experience a sunrise 😊~ this is a Lovellllly photo!

  7. What a beautiful moment, and a wonderful shot. 🙂

    • Happy Saturday to you, Lisa, and thanks. I love getting outdoors in the very early morning and I’ve been fortunate to get some good shots while out. Hope your weekend’s off to a great start.


      • So far I’ve enjoyed coffee on the couch, been licked by a happy dog and read some of my favorite blogs. A great start to the weekend. :). Hope yours is wonderful as well.

  8. colonialist says:

    I ‘did’ a sunrise, once. It was beautiful. The strain on my lifestyle was too great for me to repeat it, though. 🙂

  9. nowathome says:

    I love it too! But at the moment it is too cold to get so early out of bed! 😀

  10. My favorite early morning spot is an upstairs window facing the yard and willow tree and back gardens, in a big rocking chair with my journal, pen, and a fresh cup of Irish Breakfast tea, with milk of course, and I watch the morning arrive-first in the top leaves of the willow, then the trunk, and i an listen to the first birds waking.

  11. I totally agree. Lovely sunrise and a beautiful and peaceful start to the say.

  12. Nothing is more healing, soothing or hopeful than a lovely quiet sunrise. Beautiful image.

  13. thirdeyemom says:

    Gorgeous photo Janet!

  14. Indira says:

    Beautiful words to go with the beautiful picture.

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