Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge 2015, Week 32…in flight

Posted: August 9, 2015 in Cee's Photo Challenges, Travel
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Besides going to church, the Oddball Challenge is my favorite part of Sunday morning.  Can you believe we’re already in the thirty-second week of 2015?  Scary.  But on to the oddballs.  Hope you have a wonderful day and week.

copyright janet m. webb

Please put your tray table in its locked position

copyright janet m. webb

Their cup, my tea

  1. nowathome says:

    odd, but effective!

  2. Cee Neuner says:

    Janet I really like your odd ball photos this week. Marvelous. 😀

  3. Seeing photos every where you are!!! Inspiring 😀

  4. I had to look at the first image twice. Great shots.

  5. happyface313 says:

    🙂 That closure looks very elegant!
    Normally they’re made of plastic and very ugly.
    HAPPY week 🙂

  6. I thought, and still think, of the first shot as a flying saucer. Randy

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