Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Portraiture…Indian Independence Day

Posted: August 24, 2015 in Phoneography Challenge
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Our city has a large Indian (Asian) population and our church has an Indian ministry. Every year, we host a celebration for Indian Independence Day.  This year’s festivities featured the most adorable children acting and dancing and as I’ve been edging into more portraits or people photography, I decided to go in that direction for this week’s challenge.  Here’s one of the shots from that day.  Do you prefer it in color or black and white?

copyright janet m. webb 2015


  1. MLou says:

    I think in the black and white she is more dominate in the picture and the motion shows up more.

    • Good morning, Mary Lou, and thanks for making me part of your Monday morning. I really can’t decide between the two and it will be interesting to see what everyone things. Thanks for weighing in and have a great day!


  2. I am drawn to the color version, because it has more emotion and wonder that the portrait conveys. Happy Photo Challenge.

  3. pattimoed says:

    Hi Janet. I love this shot of the little girl twirling in her party dress. The colors really pop in the first shot, but I get more sense of the movement in the second!

  4. steveo says:

    Before putting foot back in mouth again, I’ll just share this video I recently found.  Eileen, I think, does a great job pulling a lot of monochrome and color thoughts together.

    As for the picture, I slightly lean towards the color version, simply because of the bold colors which play off each other.  Going beyond the image, the colors are also part of the celebration.

    The flaring skirt translates well to monochrome with the subtle variations in tone caused by the folds,  especially with the vignette adding in another nice tonal gradation.

  5. lolaWi says:

    love both pictures, Janet but i think the b/w has more drama! 🙂

  6. Happy Monday to you, Janet …
    I think that the colorful one lends itself to the little girls playfulness and joy.
    But, they are both really nice.
    I love learning about other cultures. It would be wonderful to have something like that where I live.

    • It was fun to watch, Izzy. The little girls are so dressed up and adorned. I laughed to myself, thinking of how much of a tomboy I was and how I would never have been that “girlie.” 🙂


      • Ahhh … I was the opposite – very girlie girl. I was tooth-pick thin and felt pretty with lots of ruffles on. I guess both have their places. Yes, I would have had smiles and laughter watching them too. Children show us how much fun it is to be free. 😄

  7. I like both, Janet as they evoke different qualities. The colorful one is more vibrant and warm. The monochrome offers a more dramatic tone to the scene. The layers are excellent, in both, creating a magic feeling.

    • It was so much fun watching them dance and the clothing and jewelry were gorgeous. I’m glad you inspired me to take more people pictures. 😉


      • I can imagine. I have traveled a few times to India and once I had an opportunity to watch a wedding ceremony from a certain distance. Fantastic and unforgettable.
        It is a very nice thing to say, Janet. I am very happy that you’re doing these gorgeous portraits! Thanks.

  8. Very well done! Looks like you have stepped right up to people photos!!

  9. Love the color and I want to go to your church 🙂

  10. With color or without, I love this shot. It has such intensity, yet softness, and dynamic motion. You really captured the moment beautifully.

  11. Angeline M says:

    Wonderful photo. I had a hard time deciding, but lean towards the black and white for the detail that seems to be brought out more.

  12. Great photo. I love the colour version as the Indian culture is so full of colour so it has more meaning to me.

  13. solaner says:

    The monochrome one is fantastic, Janet! well done!