Praying for Paris

Posted: November 14, 2015 in Miscellaneous
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It’s time to do a post for Saturday morning, but it’s hard to think of anything except the horror of the terrorism that struck Paris tonight (Friday night.)  My first, selfish thought is thankfulness that our younger daughter isn’t in art school in Paris.  She was accepted at Parsons, but decided to go elsewhere; the second, that my s-i-l and b-i-l, who live in France, don’t live in Paris.

But each person killed had a family and friends who are in shock and who mourn.  There are people waiting for news of loved ones, going through unimaginable hell.  The first mandatory curfew since 1944, WWII, is in effect.  That should be an indication the type of people committing these atrocities.  It doesn’t matter what their names or affiliations are.  They terrorists, plain and simple. They are not freedom fighters.  They are not misunderstood.  They are evil people, filled with hatred, willing to do whatever harm they can to whomever they can.

I got a text from my boss, telling me to turn on the TV, that there had an explosion in Paris.  On 9/11, we received a similar phone call from another s-i-l, telling us to turn on the TV.

My prayers and thoughts go out for not only the people of Paris, but for all who face the hatred and evil of terrorism.  But tonight, the people of Paris are foremost in those prayers.

  1. Well said, Janet. It was impressive to watch the Paris residents file out of the stadium calmly while singing their national anthem. We can’t seem to handle that on Black Friday shopping 🙂 For all the improvements and advances we have made since the beginning of time, it all gets wiped away when you get down to this basic evil where one person wants to kill another or in today’s environment take a hundred with them. My thoughts and prayers go out to each of these families – may they find the strength they need to move forward.

  2. Today I am #Prayerlifting every family as the day begins without a loved one who was on planet earth. My daughter made an earth to heaven transition on September 1, 2015 and every day I wake up is to give her voice. I believe you have done that for the People of Paris.

  3. Ye Pirate says:

    Very well-put Janet. I also think the response from the American government, I am, sorry, I forgot the name of the woman who issued the statement, was truly sincere and kind, as well as determined, and I found the politicking by some European governments most distasteful. I will go out on a limb here and say the way we approach homegrown – and mostly Islamic, terrorism if we discount that Norwegian’s name I won’t mention, is still not up to scratch at all. These people are citizens of European countries and being given simplistic and disgusting advice by roving idiots claiming to be who would not dare go back to their Arab countries, and instead inflame llocal persons who make a total mockery of their hijacked religion. When the Islamic world first started it was a beacon for science, art and culture. It was long ago hijacked. How many Nobel prizes have Israelis won? Tons I can count on less than one hand Nobel prizes won by Muslims – for Literature I think. Islam, for all its defaults or not, has been hijacked across the board. We must learn to back the right horse. We let Massoud get assassinated in Afghanistan, and never supported him anyway, one of the greatest possible leaders of the past few decades, who kept trying to warn people that something was going to happen before 9/11. We must provide clear backing to the right people. Well, who knows, at the end of the day.

  4. Paris is now part of the baggage we carry in our hearts.

  5. Our Prime Minister’s daughter is studying in Paris but is safe. Everyone was just enjoying a night out – and these terrorists decide to destroy their lives – they are not fighting for freedom. They are fighting for evil. Freedom fighters are fighting for the freedom of oppressed people, not those who have already won their freedom in WWII.

  6. As a native New Yorker who went through 9/11 my heart and prayers go out to the people of Paris.

    French Sisters and Brothers, Be Strong!! We shall win over the enemy!! France Lives and She Stands!

  7. Yes. So cruel, so evil, so inexcusable.

    Vive la France.

  8. Lovely post…praying for everyone and for peace to be restored in the world.

  9. MythRider says:

    I have Muslim friends who are very gentle people. The only time I’ve seen them truly angry is when they speak about terrorists. The adamantly declare, “They are not Muslim!”