Thursday Doors…Arizona turquoise

Posted: February 25, 2016 in Thursday doors
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Only a few doors down from last week’s purple door, was this beauty.  According to Wikipedia:

Arizona is currently the most important producer of turquoise by value.

Turquoise jewelry is everywhere in the Southwest, particularly in Native American jewelry.  Silver has historically been paired with the stones that vary from greenish to a blue the color new jeans .  Modern Indian jewelers are now using gold as well, but some of my favorite pieces are old pawn.  Jewelry was often kept as a non-money bank account by members of many tribes.  When times were tough, the jewelry was taken to a trading post or pawn shop and left in exchange for cash.  When times improved, the owners redeemed their pieces.  Inevitably, some fortunes didn’t improve and the deadline for redemption passed.  The jewelry could then be sold by the trading post or shop.

Many galleries and stores that sell quality Native American jewelry often have an area showing these old pawn pieces, beautiful examples of traditional designs and styles. You can find squash blossom necklaces, belt buckles, earrings, rings, and more.  Many of the pieces are quite old.  The old pawn section is filled with jewelry holding unknown stories of creation, life, loss, tradition.

This door isn’t old pawn, but it is a beautiful example of a different use of turquoise in the sunny Southwest.

© janet m. webb 2016

Norm, the host of Thursday Doors, has his blog hereHere’s where you can find links to everyone’s entries.  This will update as people  add their links over the next several days, but you’ll find some amazing doors offered.

  1. Lena says:

    I like the sun/shades on the door. A very nice light and an interesting story.

    • The door looked great in sun, shade, or both. In the winter, which gets cold at night but fairly nice during the day, the sun is very welcome. In summer, shade is essential as it can get so hot.


  2. ledrakenoir says:

    Beautiful, very well captured… 🙂

  3. Beautiful light in this shot.

  4. Su Leslie says:

    Lovely shot Janet. The play of light on and around the door really does add to the jewelled effect.

  5. Nice door J. And very interesting to hear about all the pale faces pawning and buying the turquoise jewellery. Got any shots of the jewellery? Would be nice to see.

  6. RuthsArc says:

    Lovely photo, colours, light and textures.

  7. Lovely use of light in this image.

  8. Dan Antion says:

    That’s a handsome door, and a great photo!

  9. Handsome door, Janet. Nice color you don’t seem much of up here, but I’m betting it blends right in in AZ.

  10. Norm 2.0 says:

    That is a lovely door and I see you waited for the perfect light to photograph it too – well done 🙂

  11. dimlamp says:

    Interesting capture, I like the yellow sunlight contrast in the photo.

  12. I love this door and it was the perfect time of day to capture it.

  13. You have really captured the light well on this wonderful door Janet

  14. Very calming colour on that door, beautiful design, too.

  15. Leya says:

    Lovely low light, and the colours are just exquisite – beautiful.

  16. joannesisco says:

    A lovely photo of the slanting light against the door. I associate turquoise with warm, sunny days. Your photo has really captured that essence.

  17. That’s a beautiful door. That shade of yellow looks wonderful with it too.
    There was a time in twenties that I wore Turquoise almost exclusively. The stone called me. My first really good piece was a ring I bought myself in AZ while on our amazing USA road trip in 1983.
    It’s a bit more on the green side with wonderful gold veins. I still have it, but rarely wear my turquoise today.

    • My parents retired in Arizona, so I’ve visited there often and I love Indian jewelry. I have some nice pieces, Mom’s given me some of hers, and eventually I’ll get more. We don’t go to too many fancy places to wear nice jewelry, although I wear some to church and wear earrings of some sort every day. I love the green type of turquoise and all the other sorts as well. 🙂


  18. Gorgeous light and colors

  19. bythebriny says:

    Beautiful the way the light and shadows are falling. The golden light emphasizes the beauty of the colours.

  20. Turquoise seems to define the southwest. Beautiful, Janet!

  21. Helen Bushe says:

    Beautiful image and interesting to read about customs in other countries.

  22. Lovely Janet – one of my favourite colours and I can just imagine the old jewellery – I sell vintage jewellery in my boutique and have occasionally found the odd turquoise piece. Works so well on a front door too!

  23. pommepal says:

    Gorgeous colour and love the shadows sneaking in.

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