Thursday Doors…Wooden you like this door?

Posted: March 3, 2016 in Thursday doors

Before I get to my door for this week, I want to apologize for not being around much on all your blogs. I had a four-day weekend visit to one of my s-i-l’s, then worked all day Tuesday, and am trying to catch up on Wednesday as I write this. Work again Thursday, followed by praise team practice (I’m the alto/tenor), SO…time’s been short and precious.  I’ll do better by the weekend.  🙂  In the meantime, thanks for stopping by and commenting here.  I really appreciate it.

Here’s the third door I spotted in Mesa while visiting my parents.  All the doors were within on block, so they were easy to find, especially as I drove by them every day.  This is a more conventional door and color, but still beautiful.  I’d certainly be happy if it were on my house!  To see all the a-door-able doors entered for Norm’s challenge, click here and then find the link spot in his post.

© janet m. webb 2016

  1. Sandra says:

    Lovely door Janet. I’ve missed you. I’m surprised you don’t get arrested going round photographing front doors. 🙂

    • I feel a bit like that might happen sometimes, Sandra!! I’m sorry I haven’t been to your blog recently, or any FF. Just so much going on that I’m behind on places where I have to do more than look at a photo. I’ll do better and I do miss your well-written stories, but my need-to-do list seems to be growing rather than getting less. 😦

  2. Who would arrest someone with an innocent face, such as yours?
    i like the wooden door – much better than the painted ones.
    But then, I’m just a plain Jane….

    • I like the wooden doors, too, Randy, but I think a very plain door can do well with a coat of paint. Many modern doors don’t have any interesting details to attract and paint can help there. Just happy you enjoy the photos. Have a blessed day.


  3. Dan Antion says:

    I wood, I wood like that door 🙂 I really like the style of that door. Simple, practical and beautiful. Great photo.

  4. Allan G. Smorra says:

    a-door-able doors…

    I love this phrase and this doorway is a beauty. I have never lived in a place that had two side-by-side entry doors like this, but I bet they make moving furniture in and out a whole lot easier for everyone concerned.


    • Our former house had only one door, but it was, as were all the doors in the house, extra wide. As you said, it made moving simple, even moving an old, refurbished upright piano. Unfortunately, that didn’t move with us. Not enough room in our rental house. 😦


      • Allan G. Smorra says:

        Someone, somewhere, is enjoying that piano—right?

        Az is a beautiful state to visit, especially this time of year. For us, it is too hot to live there year-round.

      • Because of various circumstances, we had one week to get moved after our house sold! That was after 28 years, four people, and a lot of life in a fairly large home with attic and basement. I still can’t believe we made it, much of the work done by me, as my husband was living in Illinois already. I managed to find someone who needed a piano and gave it to them for the cost of moving it. I was so thankful not to have to have it hauled away and I hope their daughter is still enjoying playing on it.

        Yes, Arizona is hot in the summer, but quite lovely the rest of the time, although the heat factor depends upon where you live. In Sedona and Flagstaff, for instance, it’s much cooler and Flag has snow and skiing.

      • Allan G. Smorra says:

        Thanks for your reply, Janet. The move that you described sounds like quite the “opportunity for growth” that we hear so much about.
        Your description of AZ brings to mind the Arizona Highways magazine. I haven’t seen one in years, but they are a good reminder that there is more to the state than the megapolis of Phoenix-Sun City-Scottsdale.

        Have a good weekend,

      • It was an opportunity, a forced one, to get rid of lots of things. After 28 years in that house, we had quite a lot. I was happy, though, that all the good things I was able to give away, even in that short amount of time.

      • Allan G. Smorra says:

        Share the wealth and enable people to create their own memories.

      • Yup. But what I want to know now is, where is the Photo Challenge???

      • Allan G. Smorra says:

        I just checked. It must be in transit.

      • Yeah, by snail mail. If you’re a WP host, how hard is it to schedule in advance. Oh, well.

      • Allan G. Smorra says:

        Maybe it is delayed for North America in order to give the rest of the globe a head-start on the challenge?

      • Ha, ha. Maybe aliens have taken over the internet. I do wonder sometimes how people get their entries out so quickly. Maybe there’s a conspiracy I don’t know about.

      • Allan G. Smorra says:

        If there was one then you definitely wouldn’t know-right? I have places to go and people to see, so I will check back later.

      • I’m in the same boat, Allan. Heading back home and hopefully I can do it as tomorrow’s post. One time this happened, I wrote a post about it, and one of the men who’d been a weekly participant said he felt the same way and he’s never been back. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

      • Allan G. Smorra says:

        Will do, Janet, you too.

        A hiccup in the system now and again won’t dissuade me from participating long-term.

      • Me, either, but it is a bit annoying if you’ve taken the time to be there when the theme is usually posted.

      • Allan G. Smorra says:

        All stressed up and nowhere to go?

  5. dimlamp says:

    Those are fine wooden doors, and I like the foreground too.

  6. Norm 2.0 says:

    A lovely door with simple elegant lines – nice find.
    No need to apologize for being around less; we’ve all been there 🙂

    • Glad you like the door, Norm. I really enjoy this challenge, although I’m going to have to get out soon and look for more doors, this time around me. 🙂 That will be fun.


  7. Beautiful stain on the door, and lovely hardware. I don’t think I’ve lived in a house with double doors.
    We use the back sliding glass door to move furniture in and out; it’s wide. What a pain as it is usually far from the room that the furniture needs moving in or out of.

    So glad to hear you had a lovely 4 day visit with your s-i-l! That’s more important than almost anything! “)

    • I’ve never lived in a house with double doors, either, but I would like it. You’re right that time with family is one of the most important things. In these busy times, you sometimes have to work at finding that time, but it’s worth it.


  8. basildonkitchens says:

    I agree with you, I’d be happy to have that as my front door as well. Seems like such a sturdy door!

  9. jan says:

    I love the way you caught the fern swirling in front of the door – lovely. We have Australian ferns outside our front door which take away the need for curtains in the front windows!

  10. That’s a fabulous door. I love those studs against the pale wood.

  11. klara says:

    I wood love this door. 😉

  12. Handsome door that looks like it has some heft to it. Lovely workmanship. 🙂

  13. joannesisco says:

    It’s not necessarily the wood that I like on this door but the metal studs. I just like studs used as an accent and this one is a good looking door 🙂

  14. A handsome door but I especially like your funny title, Janet!

  15. pommepal says:

    Great composition and sturdy looking door Janet and love your play with words, very clever. Btw I’m looking for the missing WP challenge too…

  16. Beautifully framed, like your title, too 🙂

  17. nowathome says:

    Quite an impressive door!

  18. Love the design of this one Janet!

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