Weekly Photo Challenge: One Love…No horsing around

Posted: March 12, 2016 in Animals, Personal, Weekly Photo Challenge
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I grew up wanting a horse and finally, when I was in high school, my parents surprised me with a half Arab gelding whose official name was Al Faoud, meaning heart in Arabic, but whom we called Fez.  The only photos (very, very pre-digital) of him are buried in a box upstairs.  But some years later, among the horses my parents had at our summer cabin in Wyoming, was a white Missouri Fox Trotter mare named, again not her registered name, Sunday.

I always loved Arabian horses for their beauty and endurance.  But I have to admit that after riding a Fox Trotter, a breed who, instead of a bouncy trot, have a fabulously smooth gait between a walk and a canter, I’m a convert.  I rode Sunday every summer for many, many years and just last year, at the ancient horse age of over 30, she had to be put down.  There will always be a hole in my heart for her and her willingness to outwalk or out run any horse around.  She was my horse through and through and came immediately to mind when the theme of “One Love” was announced this week.

© janet m. webb 2011

© janet m. webb 2011

  1. Stunning photographs and beautiful memories Janet. ❤

  2. Lena says:

    A great post for this challenge Janet. I know you really loved that horse.

  3. jules says:

    Gorgeous! I too owned an Anglo Arab crossed with a moorland breed in the UK in my teenaged years and you have made me think about her. I do love them. I remember a pure Arab I used to ride on the beach some years ago now, was one of the smoothest rides – especially at full gallop!

  4. […] This, that and the other thing Weekly Photo Challenge: One Love…No horsing around […]

  5. Horses – the language of females, young and old(er). I was horse crazy and as a adult we bought two horses for my daughter, one was a Fox Trotter. We loved them for several years, but after a lot of long hours and a daughter who was suddenly a teen and enjoying other sports, we had to bid them goodbye. Your post hit a soft spot for me. 🙂

    • Sounds as if the post brought back great memories, Judy, and I’m glad. Have a great weekend. It’s going to be warm for a few more days, then drop back into the 40’s. Have to get out and start yard cleanup this afternoon. But time for a walk this morning after responses to comments and some breakfast.


  6. macmsue says:

    That’s a breed I’ve never heard of, I always loved horses but didn’t really have the courage/balance to be a competent rider. Your photos show the love.

  7. nowathome says:

    A beautiful horse! you have fond memories of the one you loved!

  8. Dan Antion says:

    Those are beautiful photos Janet. You can see the love in your smile.

  9. thirdeyemom says:

    Beautiful Janet! My sister also had a horse for over 20 years and he just passed away. It was so hard for her!

  10. Joyce says:

    Great photos. What a beautiful horse he was, and I’m sure such fond memories. My cousin and husband in Nebraska once raised Arabians and often rode them in local parades all decked out in their beautiful silver halters, and finery. I loved horses too growing up, but never was able to get one being the ‘city’ girl I was, living in the city. One of my all time favorite horse movies is, The Black Stallion, so I bought that DVD. Loved the story, so wrote my own version of the story in a long poem, posted under that name on my blog.

  11. Your smile says it all Janet.

  12. Lindy Le Coq says:

    Your wide-open smile says it all, Janet!!!

    • Thanks, MB. My initials pre-marriage were JMB. Perhaps we’re related.


      • Now there’s a thought J. Growing up on the farm in Ireland I often watched my 2 sisters load up their horses to head off hunting or to gymkhana competitions, while my brother & I headed off to football (real football). They once had a horse similar in colour to your one. Am of course now wondering if, in addition to the fact that you are some long lost cousin of MB (the JMB cousin), our horses weren’t also somehow related. I am sure that I won’t be able to sleep tonight trying to work it all out. Perhaps we should organise some sort of family reunion? And feel free to bring along some blood samples from the horses so I can check out my theory from that perspective. Mind boggling stuff. Take care cuz!

  13. The love of horses and having one to love is truly one love. This was a sweet story, Janet! As a kid, I had my own horse for a couple of years, when we lived in Oregon. I was crazy for horses my whole childhood, and although I only had her for two years, I will never forget her and the wonderful experiences she gave me.

  14. Beautiful memories ❤ Both breeds are wonderful in their own ways. I enjoy riding gaited horses, but Arabian horses are almost humanlike in some ways. I want to ride the Tevis Cup one day, it's on my bucket list. I would love to ride an Icelandic Horse (gaited,) but most horses in the race are Arabians (for good reasons.)

    I really enjoyed this post. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  15. That must have been quite heartbreaking, janet. Lovely photos of you both.

    • It was time. Her teeth were bad and she had to have special food, etc. Because she and our other horses (long story) are in Wyoming all year, we don’t take care of them. When she came to the point where she wouldn’t survive the winter out on the range with all the horses from the ranch (NOT all ours), we gave her to friends there who would care for her so she’d have a longer, easier life. I miss her, but it was a good run and she didn’t suffer.

  16. Tina Schell says:

    Aaawwww, your post made me feel sad Janet – what a beautiful creature she was. And I”m sure her heart was a beautiful as she was. Good for her to have been so loved.

  17. Christina B says:

    She’s so beautiful! Memories like that are very precious. I hold my memories of my first horse very dear.

  18. She’s beautiful and rightly deserves to be the subject of the One Love theme.

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