Today it blew so hard

Posted: March 19, 2016 in Poetry, Uncategorized
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Today it blew so hard
	that I considered taking my shower
	fully clothed
lest the roof blow off
	and I
                like Dorothy
	land in Oz
(more likely?)
	be left exposed
	to the neighbor’s gaze

  1. The mind boggles. Poem conveys multiple images of naked Janet running around a half demolished house frantically looking for a towel or other garment to protect her modesty. Man oh man. A poem like that would get a woman jailed in the Middle East. Better I think that future poems should relate more to those bible classes you mentioned some time back. You seem to be straying (more than a little) from the path J. Come back to us. Your worried irish cuz. MB

    • I hope you boggled mind has assumed its usual (I’ll say “usual” instead of “normal”) shape by now, MB. No worries. This was just a momentary bit of insanity brought about by two days and one night of howling winds. Now back to our regularly scheduled posting. 🙂


      • However, life’s going to be a lot more boring for followers now that you’ve put your Porn Poetry phase behind you. It’s a sad day in some ways. OK. Let’s get over ourselves. Onwards…..

      • MB, feel free to immortalize the poem by printing it and leaving it by your laptop so you can refer to it if necessary.

  2. Sue says:

    Oh, you do make me laugh, Janet!

  3. Dan Antion says:

    I think that was the R-rated version of the movie 🙂

    It certainly was a windy day.

  4. nowathome says:

    That is exactly how I feel here on the West Coast when the southwestern wind blows! 😀

  5. jan says:

    Lol! Glad you didn’t blow away!

  6. Ha, this is amazing, and so timely! I’m in Hawaii for a brief spell and this is apparently the windy season, so I can relate. 😉