Weekly Photo Challege: Half-Light…morning at Cape May

Posted: March 25, 2016 in Nature, Weekly Photo Challenge
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This moment as I prepare my introduction is a harmonious moment: bloggers from around the world waiting as one for the theme of the Weekly Photo Challenge Theme. A few times we’ve been disappointed, waiting for a theme that either didn’t arrive or arrived late.  Some of us are sleeping, some barely awake, other (I assume), at work.  But we’re all refreshing the WordPress site, waiting for the theme.  And the winner this week is:


Better than being “Half Lit”, don’t you think?  And now we’re all off to search our files for just the right photo.  That takes longer and longer each week as the files grow.  Away I go to search.

Although Krista talks about the half-light of night, I’m more likely to see the half-light of morning, being a morning person, such as in this shot from Cape May, New Jersey, a lovely place in a state mistakenly thought to be urban and concrete.  This is my quiet time, a time when I’m happy not to see another person, but to revel in the creations of the Creator and the quiet of not-quite-awake nature.  A happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it with me and to the rest, have a marvelous weekend.

© janet m. webb 2012

  1. I love this time and I love it to be the first in the morning… I sometimes think it’s made for me that everything looks so fresh and new even in half-light :o)

    • I agree. It’s not a chore to get up and go to the park for a walk. I cherish that time! Have a wonderful weekend and a very happy Easter to all of you.


  2. Grace says:

    I love the mood of this shot, very atmospheric.

    • Thanks, Grace. Not only was it the early morning, but it was foggy. I walked all through this preserve cloaked in fog and dampness, then onto the beach. I could have stayed for hours more.


  3. K.Z. says:

    wonderful job in capturing the mood of the morning janet 🙂

  4. basildonkitchens says:

    Like you, I am a morning person…I love the quiet, and the subtle sounds of nature coming awake too! Lovely shot…very similar to one of my favourite photography spots!

    Happy Easter to you too! 🙂

  5. bythebriny says:

    A beautiful tranquil photo…happy Easter to you!

  6. I like all the angles in the photo. For a still moment there still is movement…

  7. Sandra says:

    This has a lovely fresh feel to it, Janet. Rather like the dawn. Nice one.

  8. nowathome says:

    I also love that time of the morning, Janet!!

  9. Simply dreamy…The best landscape photos are almost always made early in the morning. Alas, I like sleeping in too much to capture the moment most of the time!

  10. Su Leslie says:

    Lovely shot Janet. Like you (and so many here), I’m a morning person. Yesterday we had the first really misty morning of Autumn. I walked down by the wharf and almost drank in the beauty. Sadly, no solitude for me; the local boys rowing club was out on the water and all the parents were hanging around in their SUVs, drinking takeaway coffees (grr, so wasteful) and focusing on their phones rather than the beauty around us. Happy Easter to you.

    • I’ve been in the park and seen people sitting on a bench with a marvelous vista in from of them…head down over their phones and typing like mad. Sigh. How are you refreshed if you’re constantly in contact and away from the moment? I take my phone, but for photos. I’m afraid we’re growing a generation (or more) that has to be constantly online/in touch/doing something, which I believe is a major problem. Happy Easter to you and yours!

      • Su Leslie says:

        Yes, it’s hard to believe. And even more amazing when you find they are flicking through Instagram photos of nature!!!! It worries me not only for the emotional health of the individuals, but because if people don’t connect with the natural world that is actually around them, they are less likely to protect it.

  11. Christina B says:

    This is beautiful. There is such peace in that photo. I love early mornings as well, though dusk is also a special time for me. Those times at the edges of the day when things are quiet before and after the rush of the day.

  12. Joyce says:

    Have a happy, healthy Easter, Janet and enjoy it with family or however you spend it. I will be hosting all of my family here with a brunch on Sunday, and attending our Sat. night Easter service tomorrow night. We still have snow on the ground here in northern Colo. from our big snows this week, with more expected tomorrow, but it isn’t unusual for our Easters to be dampened (literally) and covered in a fresh blanket of snow, so our little grandkids will have their Easter egg hunt inside this time. 🙂

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  14. thirdeyemom says:

    Beautiful Janet! The first time I went to New Jersey I was surprised by how beautiful and green it is. Funny how we get so many misperceptions about our states! 😊

  15. Amy Reese says:

    Very tranquil scene, Janet. Happy Easter to you!

  16. Tina Schell says:

    Lovely capture Janet – I agree w you, NJ is widely misunderstood and has some very beautiful areas. Cape May is one of them, and the mountains in the northwestern part of the state are gorgeous. Happy Easter to you too.

  17. Kay says:

    Beautiful, and so peaceful. Still mornings in the fresh air are priceless.

  18. pattisj says:

    This is a lovely photo, so serene. Definitely not what comes to mind when New Jersey comes up. Pictures of half-lit might be quite funny, or terribly sad, depending on how one looks at it.