Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature (and Seven Day Nature Challege)…deer me

Posted: April 4, 2016 in Nature, Phoneography Challenge
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I’m in the middle of nature mania: the Seven Day Nature Challenge, “Landscape” for the Weekly Photo Challenge, and “Nature” for the first Monday of every month at Sally’s challenge.  But, as nature is my primary focus, so to speak, I think I can manage.  I’m living on the edge today, combining Sally’s challenge with the Seven Day Nature Challenge.  That means only one post.  I can hear your thankful sighs from here.  🙂

Getting an animal photo with my iPhone isn’t easy. Coyotes are the worst, as they take off the minute they spot me, usually too far away to see well in the photo. Deer are almost as difficult.  But on this grey morning, I was the only person in the park and walking quietly.  I came around the corner to see two young does walking towards me on the opposite side of the path. I stopped immediately and, contrary to my expectations, they continued towards me.  As they got within about ten yards, they appeared to recognize me as human, turned across the path, and headed into the woods.  Fumbling to get my phone out without startling them, I managed to catch this shot of the second doe.

© janet m. webb 2016


  1. Lena says:

    Good job! As you say, it is not easy to catch those animals as they often runs off before you get your camera or mobile device ready.

  2. pommepal says:

    Well done, quick with the draw…

  3. Nicely captured, a portrait of a female about to enjoy a romp. Happy Photo Challenge.

    • Good morning, Sally, and thanks. This sort of shot for an iPhone doesn’t happen often, so I just enjoyed it and how close they let me get. The photo is cropped, making it appear as if she were closer, but they really were not far away at all.


  4. Oh, jolly good shot, Janet! Such a beautiful creature to cross your path. 🙂

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