Not a taxing day

Posted: April 16, 2016 in Musings, Nature
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April 15 is not normally an enjoyable day in the U.S.  It’s the day tax forms must be filed, payments made if required, lines at the post office.  This year, the date is Monday the 18th for some reason, but the oppressive feeling lingers.

Today, however, it’s a red letter day for me, as spring finally springs.  I begin the morning walking in the park with both my iPhone and my Nikon AND not wearing a jacket, although I do have several layers.  Green lines the edges of the path, now including grass as well as the odd plants. Buds decorate the bushes, not all of them, but enough to look new and beautiful.  Red-winged blackbirds chatter endlessly, puffing up while talking, perched on the highest part of bushes and small trees.  I hear a cardinal, stop, scan the trees.  There he is in his scarlet coat, high above me, almost directly overhead.  Perched next to him is his less showy mate.  I crane my neck and my camera, get a few shots and enjoy just watching them for a time.

The river is empty of all but a few ducks.  I take a seat on the steps used by those putting in canoes and kayaks.  The sound of the rushing water soothes the annoyance that the broken glass on the steps provokes.  If you’re going to be crass enough to drink beer in the park, for Pete’s sake, take your empty bottles out with you!  A friend and I are planning a garbage collection day once it’s nice all the time.  We’d better take a lot of bags.

On the way back, I’m passed by two park rangers in a pickup.  A moment later, I spy a small snake, fortunately missed by their tires.  He (she?) keeps its eyes on me, tiny forked tongue testing the air as I take a few shots with my phone. I veer off onto one of the small paths heading toward the river and into the woods.  Once I get farther in , delicate wildflowers appear: white, pink, and purple.  I sit quietly on a downed tree for a time, just watching and listening. A biker flies by on the path, not seeing me.  I like the feeling of being invisible, surrounded by woods.

Back at the house, it’s warm enough to open windows and, when I walk to the post office to mail our tax returns, I’m in short sleeves and my lime green Keen sandals (and pants, of course.)  The joyful feeling of finally saying hello to spring is almost indescribable.  Almost.

  1. It was a refreshing walk in the park with you. Tax fillings are somehow universally hated by everyone, isn’t it? Some say tax and death are the only certainties. But at least death doesn’t remind us every year of its existence…

    • True, Lucile. In the US, the tax code is so large and convoluted that the IRS isn’t held responsible for any answers they give out about it. If there’s a mistake, it’s your fault and you literally pay for it. That in itself should argue for simplification.


  2. Galen911 says:

    It sounds like a neat way to spend the morning of tax day.

  3. We shoveled loam and chips yesterday. Yes, it finally has arrived. Picking up mail every day I almost always have to pick something up that a person has tossed out a window. We have groups that clean the beach, and the roads, and the parks. Amazing how many considerate people band together to pick up after the others. Enjoy a beautiful weekend, Janet.

    • The extensive park system where we live does have volunteers that pick up trash, but I don’t know if they clean all the parks every year or how it works. I find litter heinous. If we can help a bit, it will be great. Enjoy your weekend as well. Looks to be in the mid-seventies today. Ahhhhhhhh!

  4. Allan G. Smorra says:

    You didn’t need photos to accompany this post, Janet. Your description of your day is one large canvas with a mural of sights, sounds and events, big and small.

    A glorious tribute to Spring,

  5. pattisj says:

    Enjoyed reading your lovely prose. Ah, almost like being there – walking in the woods. It’s tricky to get the layers right this time of year, but always good when the coat stays home.

    • I’m so happy you felt you were there, Patti. Today was even better, although I’m having a bit of that summer not-wanting-to-do-anything feeling. 🙂 Trying to get some work done while watching (more or less) one of the Stanley Cup playoff games. I do love hockey but what a long season when it’s still going in mid-April!


  6. Dear Janet,

    As I sit here with the window open, the spring breeze wafts over me. I enjoyed sharing your walk. Thank you.



  7. Tina Schell says:

    Ahhhh spring – nothing better! The harsher the winter the more wonderfully appreciated the spring!

  8. pommepal says:

    How lovely to be able to finally walk in the park and feel that spring is in the air. I enjoyed this cyber walk with you janet

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