Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature…in a bowl

Posted: May 2, 2016 in Phoneography Challenge
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Monday’s haven’t been the same since Sally went traveling; good, but not the same.  Welcome back, Sally.  I hope you had a great trip and I’m sure we’ll be seeing photos of wherever you went.

The first Monday of the month means the theme is “Nature” as photographed with any non-traditional camera.  This weekend, after coming home from the farmers market, I was struck by the beauty of nature’s bounty that I’d bought, so that’s what I’m sharing today, at least a portion of it of what I brought home.  When I get home from my mini-road trip (for a baby shower for a friend and time with said friend), I can’t wait to start eating some of this!  I do love when the farmers markets are open again.

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  1. Cezane & Michelle says:

    Never seen vegetables in such clear pictures and appreciate their beauty 🙂 This picture is really clean and focused! Nice one, Enjoy your bite. – Cezane

  2. Happy Monday! Yum picture. Love a farmers market.

    • Happy Monday to you as well, Lucile. We moved from a place where the farmers market was year-round, except for a few Saturdays, so I really miss having a market in the winter. Naturally there weren’t as many choices in the winter, but I still loved going. I’m looking forward to when the one in our city opens and I don’t have to drive far to get there.


      • Happy Monday, Janet.
        Sorry for the late reply. Had a short week due to a bridge holiday.
        I hope you have a farmer’s market close to you very soon!

  3. some folks are eating healthy this week!!!!!

  4. Hammad Rais says:

    Such a wonderful capture, Janet. Very lovely!

  5. Fantastic image, Janet. Looks so good. 😃

  6. Allan G. Smorra says:

    Gorgeous lighting on the fresh veggies. They look very inviting.

    • One of the problems of taking photos of food is finding a background that doesn’t detract. I settled (and settled the dish) on the couch and that worked well. Just happens to be in front of a large window, hence the light.


  7. Norm 2.0 says:

    That is a great shot!

  8. A delightful assemblage that shows the spirit of spring’s renewal, especially the asparagus. Nicely captured and composed. Our farmer’s market just started and yesterday was such a treat to do just as you did: savor the rewards. Happy Photo Challenge.

  9. bythebriny says:

    Lovely use of light.

  10. Lignum Draco says:

    Lovely shot. Farmer’s markets are great places. I love their displays and the colours. Fresh is best.

  11. basildonkitchens says:

    Beautiful shot! I am also anxiously awaiting the opening of the local markets…I love to cook what is in season…

    • It’s the best and tastiest way, Connie. I really like that there are things now, such as raspberries, that are in season much longer. Different varieties, I imagine.


  12. Wonderful photo – the food looks so fresh and crunchy

  13. Win – win. Stunning colors that result in fabulous meals. I’d say you had a good weekend and a good Monday. 🙂

    • I have had, Judy. I love road trips and driving, unless things are really bad, is relaxing for me. I listened to a book on CD and enjoyed the view, had great friend time, and, of course, all the great veggies from the market. Time to dive into them today. All good! And there’s sunshine here at home.


  14. Wonderful coors and textures!!

  15. Amy says:

    Beautiful colors and wonderful details! Very clever 🙂

  16. pommepal says:

    Those vegies look as fresh as if they have just been picked from your own garden. That is what I love about farmer’s markets. So healthy too.

    • I agree, Pauline. Each week I wait with anticipation to see what fruit or veggie will be in season and for sale. Some things are simply too expensive at the market, but often the taste and the fact that much of the market produce is organic make up for the higher cost.


      • pommepal says:

        Our farmer’s market has organic and non-organic stalls. The organic are more expensive and I usually buy the other produce, though not organic it is so much fresher and tastier than supermarket veg, and the price is about the same.

  17. Beautiful still life.