Posted: August 7, 2016 in Quotes
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When I get in the van to drive two days to Wyoming, when I go out for a horseback ride in the mountains, when I spend an evening with friends over good food and drink, when I sit on the cabin porch listening to only the sounds of nature, I feel joy.


May you find joy in your life as often as possible!

  1. MissKymmiee says:

    Amazing post ❤ & Ohhh have a blessed Sunday & Happy Friendship day!! to you and your loved ones. X

  2. Your post is infectious, Janet 😊 going out to celebrate the day.

  3. Sounds like an extraordinary adventure for quietude.

  4. I feel the same on my drives down the Eastern Sierra. The breathtaking beauty of the West!

  5. jan says:

    Thank you – I wish joy for you as well.

  6. Sitting on a cabin porch: all of nothing and everything served as a banquet. Enjoy the delight!