Thursday Doors…Colmar colors

Posted: August 18, 2016 in Thursday doors
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Colmar, France has been Colmar, France, Germany, France again, Germany once more, and now, finally, France yet again. It was even held for two years by the Swedish army during the Thirty Years War.  I’d seen Colmar on lists of places to see in Europe and on my last full day, we drove east, almost to Germany to see whether the lists were right.

It didn’t look promising at first, the navi guiding us through suburbs into what began to look like an industrial area.  Deciding to ignore Ms. Navi, we followed signs toward the downtown.  When we began to see tourists (other than ourselves), we parked on a quiet residential street a few blocks away.  All around us were large, beautiful Art Deco-style homes. After we finished gawking and exclaiming, we walked to the colorful half-timbered houses and businesses that make up  Colmar’s historic district, bisected by canals of the River Lauch, forming “Little Venice” and plied by long, narrow boats filled with sightseers.

Where there are historic, beautiful buildings, there mus,t of course, be doors.  Here are three of the many I stopped and stopped and stopped to photograph.

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  1. I like the first one! 🙂

  2. katieprior says:

    Love the door with a hat 😉

  3. yes in deed. the beautiful doors of Europe. and these are beauty. way cool.

  4. Colmar is a super interesting place, my grandfather was born there and I like that it still has something from both countries…

  5. Dan Antion says:

    Great doors today, Janet. I didn’t think it was going to get any better than the top door with the metal work and the arched transom, but then I saw door number 2. Wow, I really like that second door.

  6. Three handsome doors on three beautiful buildings. 🙂 Ironwork, stained glass and sturdy shutters – all good things.

  7. joannesisco says:

    I’m going to echo Dan’s comment. Seeing the first door was impressive … but the 2nd one!!! Holy Wow!! That is one truly awesome door … actually the entire entrance way is gorgeous.
    … and the window on the left side with the columns is a perfect addition!

    • Joanne, the first shot was one I saw right after we parked the car, the second on the way to the historic district. And that wasn’t even that part we’d heard about! There were gorgeous old home all over, but perhaps another time.


  8. Sherry Felix says:

    Love the Art Deco.

  9. Suvi says:

    That sure is a stunning door. I love blue, so you can imagine I love the first one most ❤

  10. Norm 2.0 says:

    Oh my that is lovely. another place to add to the ever-growing list 🙂
    That 2nd one is absolutely gorgeous – wow.

  11. I am frequently stopping here in SW France where we live and photographing doors, they fascinate me! Doors to houses and doors in walls that lead into pretty secret courtyard gardens.

  12. Beautiful doors, Janet. Love the second one. 🙂

  13. bythebriny says:

    Love the colours, especially in the last shot.

  14. jesh stg says:

    Oh gorgeous doors! Am glad you went off on your own. I usually don’t have the patience to follow tour guides. Luckily, hubby has the same “problems” so after a while we always sneak off on our own. Hope you found your way back!

  15. They are so beautiful, I love them all, Janet.

  16. Wow, great finds! Glad you stopped to shoot them!

    • Gordon, it took us quite a time to get anywhere because I kept stopping for just one more door or one more building. 🙂 Lots more where these came from. In the two weeks I visited, I shot many, many doors. Glad my s-i-l put up with me.


  17. Candy says:

    Wow! These are stunning.

  18. nowathome says:

    I love the blue door a lot!

  19. Wow! Great finds. Each one so amazing in its own way. Glad you decided to ignore Ms. Navi. My mother-in-law still laughs at the time ours was trying to take us to her church and said we’d reached the destination on a random, winding road beside a decaying tobacco barn! 🙂 -Amy

    • There’s no substitute for common sense is there, Amy? The problem is now that everyone is used to a GPS, people don’t look at maps and have no idea where they are. If the GPS is off somehow, they’re literally lost with no idea of where they are or where to go.


  20. Allan G. Smorra says:

    The blue grillwork in the first photo intrigues me. Nice photos today, Janet.

  21. Paula says:

    So very quaint. Colmar is on my list for one of the summers to come. Lovely captures!

  22. How lovely!!! What a history these people must be able to tell.

  23. Oooh, I love the stone house and lovely door! It sounds like a great place to do a photo walk-doorscursion! Looking forward to seeing more of what you discovered there.

  24. marianallen says:

    Ooooooo! Beautiful! That little tower door knocks me out!