I capture the castle.

Posted: August 21, 2016 in Travel
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Yes, I shamelessly stole my post title from the Dodie Smith book of the same name.  So sue me.  On second thought, don’t.  And I only capture the castle by photo, but after all, that, like the hokey pokey, is what it’s all about, right?

We were told to visit the town of Villersexel and its castle, something that sounded like a great idea. Nothing like a good castle, especially for those of us from countries where castles are few and far between (Hurst Castle and ?)  After the usual tussles with lack of/deceptive signage and one way streets, we ended at a parking area, disembarked, and began our search for the castle, which was not exactly standing in plain sight, however hard you find that to believe once you see the photos.

When we got to the entrance, however, we were greeted by this sign:


The red sign, mostly edited out, says in French, “Private property.”  Hmmm.  I’m sure that doesn’t apply to us.  Onward, but carefully.  We can always play the American-tourist-who-doesn’t-read-French card if absolutely necessary.   No one was in sight, so we slipped in.  Although I’m a distressingly lawful person, this harmless bit of law-breaking was well worth it.  A family still lives in the castle, but as you can see from the sign, they are also a hotel.  Click on the link and you can sigh over the rooms and grounds or book if you like.  You’ll be glad you did.

Needless to say, my shots are all from the outside.  We managed a good number of minutes and amazing views before spotting a woman making her way purposefully toward us.  We nonchalantly but quickly walked out without her either catching us or yelling at us.  She seemed happy to have seen off the invaders and we all went happily on our separate ways..

Just an outbuilding

Just an outbuilding


The left and middle


Middle and left


Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like (someone else’s) home.



  1. Sue says:

    Not so humble!

    • I know. When you see the inside, it’s even more overwhelming. I would have loved to be able to go inside, but at least we got away with this much. 🙂


  2. Tish Farrell says:

    And a fine catch it is too. And thank you for the Dodie Smith reminder. It’s time I read it again. Happy Sunday, Janet.

  3. Wow, I clicked on the link, the ceiling of the salon is incredible, what a fantastic place, dreams start here!

  4. Hard for humble little me to even envision the idea of living in a castle. The link was informative. 🙂

    • Not only can’t I imagine living in something this size, I can’t imagine the cost!!! But it’s a beauty to see and I’m glad we became lawbreakers for a short while. 🙂


  5. Glad to hear you weren’t arrested or made headlines in a foreign country.
    Proud of you, though, for breaking out of your comfort zone and trespassing; making up a “I no speak or read da language” cover-up story.

  6. Leya says:

    Glad you got away with these beauties! A castle is a castle – but this is a treat. Going inside is not always a treat, but here maybe? Have a great Sunday!

    • If you click on the link, A-C, you’ll see some of the inside. It’s quite something, although a bit fancy for me. My tastes tend to run toward beautiful log cabins. But I loved the outside and the grounds here.


  7. Dan Antion says:

    I’m glad you set aside your French-reading ability to get these photos, Janet. What a beautiful building.

  8. Joyce says:

    Awesome place (of someone’s). 🙂 Were you on just another tourist/visitor excursion, or visiting family in France? It looks like you know your way around that country real well from the pictures you’ve shared. 🙂

  9. Su Leslie says:

    Beautiful place Janet. Sometimes being a foreign tourist can be handy, especially if you also happen to master a simultaneously confused and contrite look for when you get caught. The Big T does that wonderfully — luckily. I’m so enjoying your French sojourn.

  10. What an amazing building.

  11. I’d be content to live in the outbuilding! Gorgeous images. Glad you decided to ‘stretch’ the rules for this one.

  12. Beautiful castle indeed.

  13. joannesisco says:

    We North Americans have castle-envy, don’t we?
    I would have been completely thrilled staying in that outbuilding! It looked gorgeous. Then I saw the rest of the real castle … wow. So. much. cleaning 😉

    • The outbuilding is a much more manageable size, that’s for sure, Joanne. In Cleveland, our local library was on old, beautiful mansion (not anything like this, but quite something.) Our girls used to say, “Mom, wouldn’t you like to live there?” My comment was always about the cleaning. Their response was that I would have enough money to pay someone else to clean. 🙂 But then think of all the furniture you’d have to buy and…


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