Thursday Doors…Heavy metal in Philly

Posted: October 20, 2016 in Thursday doors
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As you might expect from a city founded in 1682 by European immigrants, that served as one of the capitals during the Revolutionary War and a temporary capital while Washington, D.C. was being constructed, and that had a large role in other areas during the founding of the United States, Philadelphia is filled with European-style architecture.  Of course, that includes doors.  Here are three rather elaborate examples.

© janet m. webb 2016

© janet m. webb 2016

© janet m. webb 2016

  1. Love these, especially the gold one. 🙂

  2. GeorgieMoon says:

    Great doors this week, thanks for sharing!

  3. Joanne Sisco says:

    ooooh – you picked 3 beauties. I really like the gate in the 2nd photo. I recognize the shamrock and fleur-de-lis, but I don’t know the name of the 4-sided ‘bobble’ in the corners.

  4. joey says:

    What a nice collection! Love all that metal detail. Gilded doors and matching accents? Yes, please!

  5. Nicely spied and captured.

  6. Norm 2.0 says:

    Ooh that first one is absolutely majestic! Three nice finds this week – nicely done 🙂

  7. Dan Antion says:

    The doors are lovely, Janet, but my eyes are drawn to those magnificent iron brackets under the roof in the bottom photo. I’m now trying to picture two of those, in brass of course, sitting under the top door,

    Greta selections!

  8. All 3 are lovely! I thought the Gold one would be the one I liked the best until I saw the black and white one. I love that one.

  9. I need to think of a new adjective to cover these imposing doors and gates. Nice ones. 🙂

  10. jesh stg says:

    Beautiful doors, Janet! My favorite is the last entrance – so tastefully done!

  11. Candy says:

    Super! I loved the second one best, I think 😉

  12. Indira says:

    Beautiful doors.

  13. Three very different styles, Janet, all very beautiful. That last one is my favourite, though.

  14. jflem81 says:

    I’ve always loved Philly’s architecture and history. I never thought to look at the doors! Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

    The only interesting thing I know about Philly doors is that when the city was smaller, all of the different classes (Upper, middle, lower, etc.) lived in close proximity. Some of the ways the upper classes used to demonstrate their wealth were the doors and frames. The more elaborate or ornate, the wealthier the citizen.

    • John, that’s an interesting fact that I didn’t know. Our younger daughter lives in Philly and I always enjoy the architecture. Once I started this door challenge, it was even better as almost every door is great. 🙂 Today’s doors are from Philly, to. Thanks for the visit and especially the comment.


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