Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax…ruffled feathers

Posted: December 2, 2016 in Nature
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Boy, can I use some “Relax“ation today and this weekend!  Tea, reading, watching the Blackhawks play hockey, having a smooth dark beer…all these are relaxing.  Another surefire way for me to relax is to just get out into nature by myself.  It will smooth my ruffled feathers every time.

© janet m. webb 2015

  1. awe this is beautiful!! I love birds too. So relaxing to watch.

  2. I guess nature will do it every time for us all J, but this little guy looks a tad agitated don’t you think?!

  3. Sandra says:

    Sweet little thing. Have a good weekend, Janet.

  4. Hello little one, you are one cute thing. And hello, taller one! I think I will join you in drinking a dark beer. Lovely photo, Janet. Relax, take a step back and glide smoothly into a warm weekend.

  5. Zee says:

    Great interpretation of the challenger !

  6. Nature always does the trick, have a lovey RELAXING weekend! xx

    • You as well, Susan. I’m going to a Christkindlmarket this weekend, which should be fun and mood-enhancing. 🙂


      • Sounds fabulous, we have a sporting weekend, tennis lesson and ice skating on Saturday and tennis tournament on Sunday!

      • Busy weekend for you, Susan, but it sounds like fun. I love ice skating, although I haven’t been for some time. The market was quite good, although not inexpensive. 🙂 Makes me appreciate all the European ornaments and decorations we have from my s-i-l and from a Christmas store where we lived in Cleveland.

  7. Sounds like a great plan!

  8. Laura says:

    Birds are so much fun 🙂

  9. bythebriny says:

    What a sweet little bird, great catch!

  10. […] This, that and the other thing Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax…ruffled feathers […]

  11. Emilio Pasquale says:

    I’m with you, Janet. Unruffle my feathers with a walk in nature any time. Either that, or a smooth dark beer! 🙂

  12. You keep amazing me with these great shots.
    Happy Friday.

  13. viveka says:

    Lovely image, Janet – It reads that you are up for a treat this weekend … good on you! Smooth dark beer makes me think about Guinness … you’re a tough lady. Enjoy your beer!

    • My dark beer addiction began with Guinness and has moved to a variety of other dark beers from craft breweries. Some are too hoppy for me, but there are so many good beers these days. Of course, a nice, dry red wine is also good. 🙂


      • viveka says:

        Not a beer person … and know very little about beer, I have tried Guinness … but we didn’t agree … like rocket fuel to me. I like a Chinese beer: Tsingtao – it’s a bit sweet and light. I stick with a glass of great read. *smile

  14. Allan G. Smorra says:

    The green sprig adds just the right touch of color to the photo, Janet. I also like the way that the colors of your frames tied everything together.

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