Silent night

Posted: December 6, 2016 in Miscellaneous
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The snow began Sunday morning while we were in church, bringing a smile to my face and joy to my heart.  I was told 2″ was the forecast, but evidently someone failed to inform the weather. The snow kept coming.  By last afternoon, which passes for night these days, we had a good 6″ or more and it was still coming down, muffling even the ever-present noise of traffic that pervades the entire Chicago metropolitan area, and my face was sore from smiling.  (Not really, but the smile had worked its way inward and I was smiling body and soul.)  The snow was the wet, heavy sort that can be hard on plants but sticks to everything and looks like the distilled essence of Christmas and winter together.

We met friends at the Christkindelmarket, wallowing in a perfect excess of Christmas ornaments, food, and more, mostly from Germany and a few other European countries.  We have a plethora of such ornaments, some given to us by my s-i-l and some bought at a Christmas store not far from our house in Cleveland, so we were mostly looking and getting into the mood.  We did buy a small bicycle ornament in honor of my husband going over 3,000 miles for 2016.  I bought an alpaca and bamboo woven cap, made in Peru and field tested successfully during my walk yesterday morning.

Come. I’ll share.  You can bring a hot drink and don’t even have to dress warmly.

© janet m. webb 2016

© janet m. webb 2016

© janet m. webb 2016


  1. Su Leslie says:

    Lovely! Snow and a Christmas market; how wonderful Janet.

  2. Lena says:

    Oh…this is so lovely Janet, all that snow brings such a Christmas feeling to my heart!

  3. the first snow has something special… I always tried to be the one who left the first foot print as I was a child… I felt like roald amundsen or knud rasmussen somehow :o)

  4. It is magical, just at the right time of year to bring some real festive cheer. Alas it has warmed up so much here I don’t think snow is on the forecast at all!!!

    • I think it will be a few degrees above freezing today, so some of it may melt (the streets are clear, thankfully). But the next ten days will be below freezing for the highs, so we may keep much of it for some time.


  5. Ruth says:

    Beautiful! 🙂

  6. usarmywise20 says:

    Waiting for it to snow in New York City. Tree covered in snow just right before Christmas day. Feeling nostalgic. Loved the pictures.

  7. macmsue says:

    I love the way snow muffles all the intrusive noises. Perfect Christmas season photos.

  8. It certainly looks like a winter wonderland. 🙂

  9. A beautiful addition to the memories for the season this year, Janet. I like your use of street lighting to bring a glow to the snow.

  10. viveka says:

    Just lovely, Janet …. I miss snow, we had a little in November, but it didn’t stay.
    They say we will get a tough winter this year .. and I really want to see some soft snow and frost. Hasn’t been great the last two seasons. Snow makes our world so much softer. Lovely images.

  11. ecopoet says:

    ,, beautiful – love the diamonds dancing in the light .. thanks for sharing ….

    • My pleasure. I’m happy you like it. Thanks for coming by and also commenting. Some people like to look at snow in photos and not actually have any, so I’m happy to oblige them, too. 🙂


  12. Dear Janet,

    Lovely pictures. We haven’t had any snow yet, although they’re threatening us with it tomorrow. Enjoy.



    • Great to hear from you, Rochelle! What to you mean “threatening?” Surely you mean “promising the wonderful gift of snow!” 🙂 I’m loving it, but I know you’re not a fan, so I hope you’re spared. Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

  13. marianallen says:

    Stunning pictures, but better you than me! 😀

  14. Jan Morrill says:

    Thank you for sharing the joy with us, Janet! So beautiful. I wish it snowed more in Dallas! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  15. Connie Wolfe says:

    I am enjoying your beautiful photos and vicariously the snow. Thank you for this lovely post.

  16. Dan Antion says:

    Wonderful photos, Janet. That certainly doesn’t look like 2″

  17. OOH, AWW! It’s beautiful!

  18. If it would stay on the ground and off the roads and walkways, I’d love it, but it’s much too treacherous for older and infirm people to navigate around here, and that takes a lot of the joy out of it. They don’t get our streets in town cleared off — only the main highways — and since our whole area is a bundle of little towns, that means most us have loads of snow to shovel and/or shove before we can even think about getting to work, let alone getting to a store. I’m praying for a very light showing of snow and ice this year.

  19. Emilio Pasquale says:

    Oh, yeah. These definitely make me smile. How I miss a real snow! We went up into the mountains last weekend and found some. But it was maybe an inch at most. The streets were clear but the sides of the road and the trees had a nice frosting.

  20. Thank you for sharing these Christmasy photographs, Janet. I love them. It’s the closest I’ll get to snow. The trees look magical. The perfect winter wonderland.
    Isadora 😎

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