Photo Friday…Bedecked

Posted: February 17, 2017 in Nature, Photo Friday
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© janet m. webb 2014

  1. Hey J. Looks like far more than “dew drops”. Full-size raindrops MB is thinking. In which case you’ve encroached onto MB’s Foto Friday theme – Rainfall. Looks like you’ve yet again committed a breach of the WordPress rules or etiquette. Despite out friendship (of sorts!) I may consider asking for a ruling. Down with this sort of thing!

    • Dear MB, it appears that you’ve been at the hookah once again, causing a paranoid reaction to my simple shot. Ask for a ruling if you dare! Dew drops in a macro photo might easily be mistaken for rain drops. And since you stole (borrowed, copied) the Foto Friday theme in the first place, I think you’ll lose the challenge!

      Happy Friday,


  2. But a decent shot nevertheless!

  3. Lenore Brashear says:

    I hope that was a tongue in cheek sort of thing in the above post. I am new here and don’t think I need animosity in the early AM. There is enough of that in our present government.
    Beauty resides in natural things, like your photo.

  4. carol1945 says:

    I love the banter in the comments above, and I knew it was in fun, but nowadays everyone is on such edge. I saw the title of a WordPress blog this morning: “Red Music” and I thought it might be political. Can you believe that? Of course it wasn’t, and I am so tired of being inundated with you know who. Everywhere I go, I hear people talking about him and his shenanigans. (spelling?) Anyway, the red music is a great photo, but now I forget whose blog it is. Did you see it? I know some of us look at the same blogs.

  5. A jewel from the garden! 🙂

  6. joey says:

    Isn’t that pretty? That’s a great shot. Wonderful color, makes me think of spring 🙂

  7. Exquisite capture 😍
    Great photograph, Janet.

  8. Allan G. Smorra says:

    The texture and color in this photo are exquisite, Janet. Well done.

  9. Nature’s glitter, in all its bedazzled glory. Those perfect water droplets are absolutely enchanting.

  10. marianallen says:

    What are the dewdrops on? Just plain ol’ leaves? That is unbelievably beautiful! We had dewdrops all over a tree in the back yard. I wished I had the skill to capture the prisms glittering all over it!

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