Debbie’s One Word Sunday Challenge this week is “Glass” in any of its manifestations or interpretations (or any other single word you like).  Glass immediately brings Chihuly and his amazing glass creations to mind.  I’ve been fortunate enough to see his work in a number of places, but none in such abundance as his installation at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens a few years ago.  My s-i-l and I did the rounds during the day, then again as it got dark, when the glass was illuminated.  Both were magical.

© janet m. webb 2014

  1. Dan Antion says:

    Very nice photo, Janet.

  2. bythebriny says:

    Stunning shot. Must have been something to see in person.

  3. Joanne Sisco says:

    No one does glass like Chihuly! Beautiful.

  4. carol1945 says:

    As a child growing up, my mother loved glass. She used to talk about Lalique, but of course, we could never afford that. To this day, glass fascinates me. Love your photo.

  5. HonieBriggs says:

    Loved this exhibit when it was at the Dallas Arboretum. We had the pleasure of visiting the Oklahoma City Museum of Art last year where Chihuly is part of the permanent collection. Exceptional beauty, appears strong and fragile at the same time.

  6. Gorgeous capture, Janet. Love Chihuly’s creations. 🙂

  7. Stunning! Those shapes and colors would already be enchanting without the light, but illuminated, they’re other-worldly.

    • If you ever get a chance to see any of his works, Hannah, take it. They’re marvelous. This was the first time I’d seen any illuminated and as you say, it was special.


  8. Su Leslie says:

    Lovely! I really like glass art and Chihuly is the master 🙂

    • That he is. Glad you enjoyed the shot, Su. I should have included links to the other posts I did on this event, but I just didn’t take the time. 🙂 I hope you saw them, although that was a few years ago.


  9. Debbie Smyth says:

    Oh, I like Chihuly too. I discovered him when I was in Florida a few years ago and have also seen a couple of his pieces in London.
    I love your dramatic shot – it’s full of energy. And many thanks for linking it to my challenge – what better for the glass challenge!

    • He’s the glass master, Debbie. Thanks for hostessing the challenge, even though I tend to forget about it until I see your post. I do appreciate you giving the next weeks’ themes in advance, though. Makes my posting life much easier…if I just remember.


  10. Allan G. Smorra says:

    This is a fabulous shot, Janet. I love the way it is illuminated—like swaths of painted color hanging in the night air.

  11. jesh stg says:

    Of this artist I like the – what I call – the spaghetti tree – such a wild imagination – love it!

  12. I’ve been fortunate to see Chihuly’s glass art in various places too. He never ceases to amaze. You captured this sculptural piece beautifully. It’s definietly magical.
    Issy 😎

    • If I had the money and a place to display it properly, I’d love to have one of his smaller pieces. Unlikely to happen, but I’ll take every chance possible to enjoy his work.


      • He used to do art shows when I was doing the circuit. When he injured his eye he thought he might not work again. I don’t have any of his art sculptures because at the time I wasn’t in a place that would showcase them properly. He was always expensive too. But, throughout the years I’ve collected glass from many other glass artists. 😎

      • I’m so glad his eye injury didn’t hold him back. I believe he now often comes up with the designs and his students/apprentices/workers make the final product.

      • Yes, that’s true. He’s become more of a director of how he wants his art to be. But, most glass artists can’t do large pieces without assistance. I have a friend that does glass art and have seen him in his studio. It’s fascinating to observe it being created.
        Have a super weekend.
        Izzy 😎

      • I don’t have a problem with him doing the artistic part and letting others mostly do the rest. It must be wonderful to see the process in progress!

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