“Flipping” through my online photo files, I found this shot that, although I like it, both in the original and in this edit, had me a bit flummoxed as to what it was.  The next shot showed that it was a photo of the lid to a small pot, glass with a handle on top.  Obviously something happened with the light, but I like the minimalist abstraction of it and it’s a perfect oddball.

© janet m. webb 2015

  1. Su Leslie says:

    Very cool Janet 😃

  2. Dan Antion says:

    I like this, Janet. And, you’ve made me think of a similar photo I have. Stick around, maybe tomorrow this post will come back to haunt you 🙂

  3. Allan G. Smorra says:

    Not pot. This is a happy accident, Janet, and a perfect oddball.

  4. Could even be the top of a perfume bottle.

  5. Cee Neuner says:

    It is a cool odd ball for this week. Thanks Janet. 😀

  6. […] I was going to go that route because the snow storm which forced me home ahead of schedule also forced me to change the schedule of my blog posts. I had a post written and scheduled for today. It was to be published as I was traveling home from Iowa. I was going to complete the illustrations while I was in Iowa. Which I wasn’t, so I didn’t, so…the AIIM Conference. I figured you guys could handle one work-ish-related post. But, you were saved by Ellen, Teagan and Janet. […]

  7. joey says:

    Artistic oddball delights 🙂