Merriam Webster has numerous definitions for “drift” but persevere and you’ll arrive at:

8 :  a grouping of similar flowers planted in an elongated mass.

On my photography walk last week, once I entered into the wooded part of the park, I was adrift in drifts of wildflowers, not all of which show up well in photos.  Of course, no person planted these elongated masses of flowers but nevertheless, there they are.  (As an aside, a photography walk for me is one where I deliberately set out with Nikon and lenses in addition to the ever-present iPhone and don’t even plan on getting any exercise other than the most rudimentary walking.  Call it soul food.)

At any rate, there were still wildflowers aplenty, which I featured on my blog Friday and Saturday.   Here then, is a drift of wildflowers and, I hasten to add, taken with said phone, not my Nikon, lest Sally whip me with a wet noodle.  🙂

May you be adrift in flowers today, whether literal or figurative!  Perhaps I should also include “virtual.”  And happy May Day, which is celebrated with flowers as well!

© janet m. webb 2017

For Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature

  1. pike says:

    Ooh, you have wood anemones! Lovely!

  2. Janet, what a heavenly spot to take meandering walks. The naturalizing is scrumptious. Let’s celebrate as much as we can with nature’s bounty. Happy Photo Challenge.

  3. Dan Antion says:

    Beautiful wildflowers, Janet. Is it just me or does the rotting tree in the upper right look like a wolf/dog? Anyway, it’s a lovely photo.

  4. Amy says:

    Beautiful spring wildflower capture!

  5. Allan G. Smorra says:

    Nice vibrant greens in the flower drift, Janet.

  6. bythebriny says:

    They are beautiful!

    • Today the park is probably 50% flooded. One entrance is completely closed, as the bridge is underwater. At the other entrance, where I walked in, the water is pouring through the spillway/dam and partway along, the path was flooded. I don’t imagine that’s doing the flowers any good!


  7. Suzanne says:

    What a lovely drift to come across as you drifted. 🙂

  8. Su Leslie says:

    Lovely shot Janet; and well-captured if the park has been flooded. Hope the waters recede quickly and no serious damage is done.

  9. Lignum Draco says:

    Beautiful photo, Janet. Thanks for taking us adrift in this drift of wildflowers. I’ve learned something new. 🙂

    • Glad you drifted in to see it, Lignum. I’m glad I got there before all the rain and flooding. I imagine there won’t be many wildflowers left once the water recedes.

  10. joey says:

    Ah, what a moment. Awfully nice to look at when it’s cold and rainy and dark 🙂

  11. Ah how lovely that you drifted there! The flowers are beautiful, and I see a wolf/dog too!

    • I really enjoyed that morning and now I’m so glad I went, as the rain and flooding are making it impossible to walk there now and the flowers will probably be gone when it dries out. (“Gone” as in done blooming, rather than washed away.)