Memorial Day…Never forget!

Posted: May 29, 2017 in Poetry
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Memorial Day, whenever celebrated, whatever called, is a day we should welcome, lest we forget those who fought and died for the freedoms we enjoy.  Here’s something I wrote for a previous Memorial Day.

 Above us

“In Flanders field the poppies blow…”

And grow, too
(as well they should
given our bones and flesh and blood
gone to fertilizer)

gone to grow
not peace
but yet more war
another layer of human fertilizer
above us

When will they ever learn?

No doubt
“Man” being what he is

But there are things worth fighting for
and so we gave our all
(and cheered those left behind
to live and grow
above us)

  1. we will remember all who came to fight for our freedom…

  2. And we will in little but sincere ceremonies in my home town and all across New England.

  3. marianallen says:

    Wonderful poem, janet! ❤