There are two things you see everywhere in France: memorials to those lost in World Wars I and II and crosses.  Some of these crosses are hundreds of years old and they pop up everywhere.  If you were to stop at each one, not only would it take you forever to get anywhere, you’d probably get hit by any number of cars or other vehicles as most of them are right next to the road.  But each one is attractive.  Here’s a small sample for you to enjoy.

Near Raddon-et -Chapendu:

© janet m. webb

Girmont-Val-d’Ajol area:

© janet m. webb


© janet m. webb

  1. I love the small crosses that pop up in the middle of nowhere, sometimes it is so hard to read the inscriptions that have worn away over the centuries, but we try anyway.

  2. claywatkins says:

    Great finds. Would love to travel the back roads of France and visit the ancient towns and villages, but first I’d need to polish my French. I find the same thing here in the states – not crosses, but sometimes a cross to remember a loved one lost in a car accident, but intersting places to stop and take in the history and pulse of an area. Stopped on US 1 in Islamorada to see the memorial to the victims of the Labor Day Hurricane in 1935. Added time to the journey, but worth it Enjoy your trip.

    • Clay, the trip was great and I love finding the little crosses. My French is minimal, but as my s-i-l and b-i-l speak fluently, I’m good. 😉. I do love traveling the back roads.


  3. Comforting images, and one was a double comfort – are those ‘mock orange’ blossoms in the background?

  4. Dan Antion says:

    Very nice. I always like to stop and look at these. I think it helps keep the memories alive.

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